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Hitler looked very ugly.

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yesterday when i dug him up and buried him with a JEW

they have wooden box which is used a bed a bucket to keep water in people also live in hole in the ground that they have dug.

It looks like something dug it up. Kind of over-turned.

the soldiers dug the trenches them selves so they just looked like fields.

i only know 2 ways 1. concentration camp where they starved people to death. 2.where they dug holes forced people to get in them and shot them .but that's all i got

they dug for gold and they traded things like tobacco, gold, fish and spices.

Turtle eggs are laid in great numbers into a hole dug bye the female. When laying these eggs they look like rubber ping pong balls.

dug is a golden retriever if you don't believe me go onto wikipedia and look at the cast and it says dug is a golden retriever

you can say dig and dug but you cant say dugged or digged i like to dig I dug yesterday

I doubt that the terracotta warriors were modelled on individual living warriors. As models, they would look the same when dug up as when they were originally buried.

Thier houses look like pueblos. They sit upon a cliff, making their houses easy to defend. Some dug out holes which they built there house in.

you had your garden dug says someone else dug your garden, while you dug your garden says you dug it.

snakes a groundhog and frogs and dogs and cats and rats and kitten and mitten are all dug each year in the backyard sof homless people whe they look for warmth and food. these dead animals smell like air freshinair to homless people because they dont have anything to make themselves smell good eno;ugh i love lincoln day.

The Blackfoot used tepees for shelter. They were tall and made out of leather. They dug fire pits and painted pictures on the sides.

They live in dirt tunnels that look like little dirt huts. - Siencetists P.S. We know it is true because we dug into the dirt in the container.

Damages - 2007 Look What He Dug Up This Time 2-12 is rated/received certificates of: Netherlands:16 USA:TV-MA

Hitler was buried in a grave with a false name by the soviets, but was later dug up and cremated. His ashes were scattered in the Elbe River in Germany.

Hitler was buried under a false name by the Soviets, but was later dug up and cremated. His ashes were scattered in the Elbe river in Germany.

A fox den is usually a hole dug in the ground. It has tunnels with a main entrance and several escape routes. See related link for a picture.

ug when he says i love you dug and he has to look u in the eyes and say it

Present perfect is formed with - have/has +past participle.The past participle of dig is dug. So present perfect for dig is have/has dug.They have dug the potatoes. The boys have dug the potatoes.He has dug the potatoes. The farmer has dug the potatoes.

vampires smell like garlic, not like dead people! A dead or angry vampire might smell like undead vampire would smell more like mildew, freshly dug earth, wood, blood, wine or incense. Possibly dead people depending on where he was last...

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