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He fought for preserving the union of the states and for slaves to be free.

Abe Lincoln chiefly wanted to hold the nation together. His election actually caused the first secessions by Southern states because he intended to end slavery. He truly believed that we needed to remain one strong country without slavery and that is why the Civil War occurred. He could have just let the Southern states form their own country and ignored the existence of slavery but his dream was to have the United States remain intact.

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Q: What did Lincoln hope for and fight for?
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What did Lincoln fight and hope for?

Equal union and no slavery

What did Lincoln hope and fight for in the Civil War?

The restoration of the Union.

What did Lincoln hope and what did he fight for?

Union. Lincoln's Mantra was always "Union".

In the civil war what did Lincoln hope and fight for?

an equal country and no slavery

What did Lincoln hope and fight for 12 letters 4th and 8th letter is a T?

The answer is: United States

What did President Lincoln hope and fight for in the Civil War?

Sectionalism, Western Expansion, State's Rights, Slavery

Did Abraham Lincoln fight in the Mexican War?

No. Lincoln did not fight in the Mexican War.

What did Abraham Lincoln hope and fight for?

He hoped that butterflies would come out in the winter and he fought a panda for stealing his bamboo

What 12 letter word did President Lincoln hope and fight for during the Civil War?

Emancipation (for slaves) is what President Lincoln hoped and fought for during the Civil War.

Did Abraham Lincoln fight the north civil war?

Abraham Lincoln is a president; presidents do not fight.

Why did Lincoln issue the Emancipation?

Fredrick Douglass told Lincoln that he wanted blacks to fight in the war, so after a few months or so, Lincoln issued the Emancipation Prolocomation to let blacks fight in the war. He also did it to improve the morale of his soldiers, they were losing badly and began to lose hope. He wanted to give them something more to fight for they felt strongly about

Did Lincoln fight in the Civil War?


Why did Abraham Lincoln fight in the Civil War?

* * *

Did A Lincoln fight in the Blackhawk War?


Did Abraham Lincoln fight Britain?

No, he was a president.

Who did Lincoln fight for in the civil war?

The Union.

What wars was Lincoln in?

Lincoln was the president during the United States Civil War, but he did not fight.

Did Abraham Lincoln fought at the civil war?

Lincoln didn't fight... he was the president. However he appointed generals and drafted men to fight for the Union army

What did lincoln hope for and fight for in the civil war?

Lincoln hoped for slavery to end. Actually, he didn't want to be involved in it and hoped for it not to be in the new territories. He believed all men are created equal. The Gettysburg Address stated this and freed the slaves.

What war did Abraham Lincoln fight in?

Lincoln was born on February 12 1809 and he was in the Blackhawk War.

How did lincoln interpret his reelection?

The North was voting to fight on.

When did the states of the Upper South like Virginia and Tennessee secede?

After Lincoln asked them to provide troops to fight the South.After Lincoln ask them to provide troops to fight the south.

Who would win in a fight to the death Obama or Abraham Lincoln?

It depends on the rules of the fight of course.

What were the war name that Abraham Lincoln fight?

the civil war. and he didnt fight he was the president at the time.

What did Lincoln fight to preserve during the civil war?

Lincoln wanted to preserve the union to protect and defend.