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Michael wanted to name his daughter princess but Debbie thought it was a stupid name

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What does Michael Jackson call his father joe Jackson?

he calls him joseph. Because joesph wanted him to.

Why did Michael Jackson call his dad Joseph?

In a interview Michael said Joe, his father did not want his children to call him daddy, but Joseph. Michael, "I wanted to call him daddy so bad...but he would say it's Joseph to you"

Do Michael Jackson's kids call him dad?

Michael Jackson's kids did call him dad.in fact Michael Jackson did not let his kids call him michael.because when Michael Jackson was growing up his father did not let him call him dad or daddy. Joesph said "i am Joesph to you".which is the reason why he is so strict on that so called rule.michael stated that he wanted to call him dad so bad .

How do you get Michael Jackson on Pokemon Pearl?

Unfortunatly, you can't get 'Michael Jackson' on Pokemon Diamond, Pearl or Platinum, unless you wish to nick-name your Pokemon Michael, Jackson or MichaelJackson or call your player Michael and call your rival Jackson or the opposite way.

Why did people call Michael Jackson MJ?

just as a nickname because Michael Jackson is sort of long.

Did Michael Jackson call Janet Jackson dunk?

Yes, that was his nickname for her.

Who was with Michael Jackson when he died?

He was alone. Jackson is survived by his three children: Prince Michael Jackson I, Paris Michael Katherine Jackson and Prince "Blanket" Michael Jackson II. His Doctor Conrad Murray was with him according to the 911 call!

Why did Elizabeth Taylor call Michael Jackson the king of pop?

because Michael Jackson is the king of pop =D

Did Michael Jackson name his song thriller after his tiger?

No, Rod Temperton who wrote the song came up with the name, Michael wanted to call it Starlight Sun and later Starlight Love.

Who is better at singing Michael Jackson or selena gomez?

Michael Jackson is way better. Why do you think they call him the King of Pop?

Why did kids call Michael Jackson applehead?

Michael never mentioned the reason he was nicknamed applehead.

Why is Andrew Jackson different type of president than any other previous president?

BECAUSE, He didn't wanted people to call him PRESIDENT Andrew Jackson. He wanted them to say GENERAL Andrew Jackson.

Who did Michael Jackson call the devil?

Tommy Mottola, former head of Sony.

Did Michael Jackson call Justin Timberlake the king of pop?

No he never said anything like that. true that his fans like to claim that michael jackson did. there also stupid enough to call JT the new king of pop.

Why did Michael dad hate him?

Michael Jackson dad didn't hate him he just always made fun of him and beat him. he beat him because he wanted the Jackson five to be the best and made sure they weren't slacking off. and on one of Michael Jackson interviews Michael said that his dad would call him big nose and if they would mess up a dance move he would beat them and he also said that he would go in the room and cry when he called him big nose and that he was terrified of him

Who was the male making the 911 call from Michael Jackson's house that day?

The male was Condrad Murray-he killed Michael Jackson.

Did Michael Jackson like prince?

They weren't what you would call friends, but they got on alright.

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