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What did Princess Diana do to help the world?



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Princess Diana worked to support a number of charities. She also visited the starving kids in Africa and worked as a humanitarian leader. She was one of the first high profile celebrities to touch someone with HIV.

Of that she was also a hero in many people's eyes. Diana was often called Princess Diana by the media and the public, but she did not enjoy such a title and did not personally think of herself as a princess. This is a point Diana herself made to people who referred to her as such. She always had a strong head on her shoulders, no matter what might have been going on at the time. Diana tried to not let various things get her down, even though some could have destroyed her. Diana also spoke with surprising truthfulness about her own personal struggles with bulimia and suicide, giving individuals struggling with these issues a role model of openness and honesty. Princess Diana used her media popularity to bring attention to the needs of the forgotten and needy of the world. She was out to seek a symbol in everyone's life, life itself.