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I think the Sumerians lived in what is present day Iran. I also think the word sumerian means they lived by the rivers. The rivers were probably the Euphrates and the Tigris.

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Why did the sumerians decide to live in the Fertile Crescent?

why did the sumerians decide to live in fertile crescent

Where do sumerians live?

in sumer

Were did sumerians live?


Did sumerians live in ziggurats?


How did ancient sumerians live?


What types of houses did sumerians live in?

yeah the sumerians lived in mudbrick houses in southern iraq that is where most of the sumerians came from.

Did the sumerians live inside the city walls?

the Sumerians didn't always live inside the walls the only time was for the winter

Who are the Sumerians and Akkadians?

Sumerians are the ancient people that live in Phoenicia and the Akkadians are the people who lived or live right by the Medditeranion borders

What are sumerians?

Who were sumerians and wheredid they live? they lived in mesopotamia which is now present day Iraq

Where did ancient Sumerians live?


Who is Sumerians and where did they live?

They lived in Mesopotamia.

When did the sumerians live?

The ancient Sumerians lived in what is now Iraq from about 3000 BC to 1200 BC.

Where did the sumerians live?

the lived in southern Iraq

What region did sumerians live in?

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Did the Sumerians live on a flood plain?


Where did the Sumerians live in 3000 BC?

in the mesopotamia

What were the people that live in mesopotamia called?


What time period did the sumerians live?

3000b.c.e. -2012

Were did the sumerians live?

Sumerians lived in the Middle East, in the southern part of Mesopotamia. Most of them lived between the Tigris and Euphrates River.

When did the sumerians invent the calendar?

Sumerians invented Calendars during their first time to live in Mesopotamia. They invented it to identify the B.C. -Denise

What region did sumerians live?

they lived in the Persian gulf i think

Why did the sumerians built dikes?

because they need to built it to live in it

Where did Sumeratians live?

Sumerians lived in Sumer, which is in present-day Iraq.

Where did most Sumerians live after 3000 BC?

They lived in I dont know

Where did sumerians live?

sumerians lived in "mesopatamia" or "the land between the rivers" these rivers are the Tigris and Euphrates. which is where the early hominids (early humans) first started.