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Become one of the most popular bands ever and make some of the best and most well known songs in the history of music.

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Beatles For Sale is the Beatles' fourth album

Yes, the Beatles were real.the-beatles

The Beatles are the Beatles. They are not Abbey Road they have a song called Abbey Road and that is a street name in England, but I promise the Beatles are the Beatles not anything else.

the beatles the beatles

No, the Beatles were not racist

The Beatles are/were British.

Yes it was. Beatles For Sale was their 4th album in the UK.In the USA, eight of its tracks appeared on the Beatles'65 album and six more on Beatles VI.

it was the original name of what was later known as the Beatles (before the silver beatles and the beatles)

The Beatles were a popular band in the sixties. 'Get back' is sung by the Beatles.

"Beatles for Sale" in the UK, "Beatles VI" in the US.

1. Beatles! 2. Beatles! 3. Beatles! 4. Farris! 5. Farris! 6. Farris! 7. Beatles! 8. Beatles! 9. Beatles! 10. Farris! 11. Farris! 12. Farris!

The Beatles have nothing to do with science.

The Beatles are a British Band From Liverpool !

yes. it was on their albums With The Beatles and Meet The Beatles.

The second official Beatles album that was released is called "With the Beatles"

None of us have 'The Beatles' as our career. Only the actual Beatles do.

They weren't the first, but the Beatles did cover the song on With the Beatles. It first appeared on The Beatles' Second Album in the US.

Please Please Me With the Beatles The Beatles First A Hard Day's Night Beatles For Sale Help ! Rubber Soul Revolver Collection of Beatles Oldies Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band The Beatles (a.k.a. The White Album)

There are several places one can find the complete discography for the Beatles. These websites include The Beatles Discography Wikipedia, JPGR UK, Rare Exception, Beatles Bible, and Beatles Again.

Are you kidding? HE loves the Beatles!! He's compared to the Beatles every so often. A lot of people say they take after the Beatles!

they love the beatles that's the reason they started the band.they never wanted to be compared with the beatles because they are the beatles #1 fan

Ringo Starr, at 5'8", according to official Beatles biographies. (The other Beatles were 5'11".)

"Beatles Beatles" the beatles did NOT sing this song. it was sung by David Essex.

The Beatles came first, they started in 1962 and The Monkees came in 1965.

Beatles For Sale, released in late 1964. Beatles V1

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