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Q: What did Victor Hugo write on romanticism during the french revolution?
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What are the causes of Romanticism?

the French Revolution helped to start the period of Romanticism. Also the Industrial Revolution helped to move the Romantic period forward.

Did the American Revolution the French Revolution and the Industrial Revolution all led to the atmosphere that encouraged Romanticism?


Romanticism reflect the emotional mood of the French Revolution and Napoleon?

Romanticism was characterized by establishment of new and breakdown of the old. During the French Revolution, many new institutions were established, and the Napoleonic Code created new opportunites for people. Some of the romantic paintings are eerie and ghostly, like a new age is coming while the old was leaving. Also, nature is a big part of romanticism, and since so much was destroyed during the Revolution, they might have been trying to emphasize it more in their paintings and literature.

Who are two french writers from the era of romanticism?

Two of the most known romantic writers were Victor Hugo and Alexandre Dumas

Who was NOT a French monarch beheaded during the French Revolution?

Dumbledore was not a french monarch and was not beheaded during the french revolution

Did people have rights during the french revolution?

Yes, people did have rights during the french revolution.

What influenced Romanticism?

There are various things that are believed to have influenced Romanticism. Some of these factors include religious traditions and Neoclassicism.

What was invented during the French Revolution?

The Guillotine was invented during the french revolution, i know coz i doing the french revolution at school now! :) >) HOPE IT HELPS!!

Emperor of France during the French Revolution?

France did not have an Emperor during the French Revolution, Napoleon became the Emperor of the French in 1804.

Why is napoleon significant with the french revolution?

I believe he was the leader of The French Army during the French Revolution.

French Revolution-Louis XIV?

No, the French Revolution was during the reign of Louis XVI.

Who was being guillotined during the French Revolution?

Enemies of the Revolution.