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The French Revolution happened during 1789-1799 and the American Revolution happened during 1775-1783. So the French Revolution happened before the American Revolution.

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The end of the American Revolution (1775-1783) preceeded the start of the French Revolution (1789-99) by six years.

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The American revolution came before the French revolution

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Q: Did The french revolution happen before the American Revolution?
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How did the French Revolution influence th American Revolution?

It didn't. The American Revolution was over before the French Revolution began.

Did the French or American or Russian Revolution come first?

The American Revolution came first in 1776, followed by the French Revolution in 1789 and the Russian Revolution in 1917.

Did the French and Indian War come before the American Revolution?

Yes, the french and Indian war came before the American Revolution.

What revolution ended in 1783 six years before the french revolution?

The American Revolution.

What was Edmund Burkes' philosophical position in relation to both the American and French Revolution?

American Revolution - for French Revolution - against American Revolution - for French Revolution - against

Why should the American revolution be taught before the french revolution?

Only because it happened first

Which took place first French revolution or American Revolution?

The American Revolution.

Was the reinassance during the french revoulationary?

No. The French revolution was in 1789 and after our American revolution We inspired them to have their revolution and our constitution was also an inspiration. The Renaissance was in the 1400 to 1500's. several hundred of years before the French revolution.

Who did the french became inspired by?

Before the French Revolution, the French were inspired by the Enlightenment Period as well as the American Revolution. The French Revolution lead to many changes in France's government and greatly changed their society.

What revolutionary movement inspired the french to rebel?

The American Revolution

What revolution can be compared with the french revolution?

The French Revolution is most likely to be compared to the American Revolution because the French peasants had gotten the idea of the American's Constitution and the idea of rebelling from the leader.

What significant american event helped inspire the french revolution?

It was the American Revolution, and its success, that significantly inspired the French Revolution. The French Revolution lasted from 1789 to 1799.