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What did ancient Aztecs use for fishing?

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They used nets that were made from straw

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What were ancient Aztecs jobs?

fishing hunting and more

What were Aztecs fishing nets made off?

The Aztecs fishing nets were made of straw.

What did they use for fishing in Ancient India?


What did the Aztecs use to store medicine in?

The Aztecs stored their medicine in bowls and jars, like many ancient civilizations.

Did the ancient Aztecs travel by foot?

That is correct, the ancient Aztecs traveled by foot.

Did the ancient Aztecs of Mexico use a stone known as the sun stone?

Yes the aztecs used a stone called the sun stone.

How did the Aztecs govern themselve?

The ancient Aztecs had a empire.

What did the ancient Aztecs do with the metal?

the Aztecs made jewellery from the metal.

How long ago were the Aztecs?

The Ancient Aztecs were approximaetly in A,E 1300-1500 YEAR. They lived in the Ancient Mexico

What land areas did the Ancient Aztecs occupy?

The Ancient Aztecs occupied most of the area that is modern-day Mexico.

How many gods did the ancient Aztecs have?

The Aztecs had over 1000 Gods

What hairstyle did the ancient Aztecs have?

how many hiarstyles did the aztecs ha ve

About ancient Aztecs who settled in the gulf of Mexico?

the Aztecs never live in gulf of Mexico, the ancient are olmecas and tolecas, the Aztecs live in center of now is Mexico city

Where did the Aztecs buy food?

they caught their food by hunting and fishing.

What did Ancient Aztecs sacrifice?

Aztecs would sacrifice prisoners they had caught in war and Aztecs who had done wrong.

Did the Aztecs celebrate Christmas?

The ancient Aztecs were not Christians and, as such, did not celebrate Christian holidays.

What ancient civilization had a city with a palace lots of homes and a zoo?

the answer is Aztecs

What area of the world did the Aztecs live in?

The ancient Aztecs lived in central Mexico

What did ancient Aztecs do for work?

need an answer

What were the politics of ancient Aztecs?


How long did the fishing nets of Aztecs last?

No, because they were made of straw.

What animals did the ancient Aztecs have as pets?

The Aztecs had fish, bears, and ducks as pets. The Aztecs hunted down animals to eat.

When was the Ancient Aztecs?

The ancient Aztec society began 1200 A.D.

Can you give me a sentence using ancient?

The Aztecs were a part of ancient civilizations.

When did the ancient Aztecs live?