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What did court jesters do?

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Court jesters were "licenced fools," meaning that they were given licence to do whatever they wanted as long as it was funny or instructive. They were allowed, and even expected, to make fun of anything and everything going on around them.

A good example of a jester and the things jesters did, was a man named George Buchanan, who worked for King James VI of Scotland. He noticed that the king usually signed state papers without reading them, so he slipped a paper of his own into the kings work. Before King James knew what he was doing, he had signed a royal decree abdicating the crown to a certain George Buchanan for a period of two weeks.

Jesters were not trained to be jesters. They were funny people who could make people laugh and were unafraid to say things other people would not be willing to say. When such a person became well known locally, he or she was brought to the attention of a person of sufficient status to hire such a jester, and got the job in this way. A nobleman who wanted favor of someone higher up might send him a good jester as a way of getting that favor. And so the kings got the best.

The whole business was without regulation or traditions to enforce. That was its nature. And so the deal a jester got depended on what deal he could strike with the person he worked for.

But the jester's job was to get information on the household, the guests, and the lord, and make light use of it at any time, spontaneously, as required. A stand-up comic could not have done this, because it required new material all the time. So a lord who wanted to get best use of his jester had him in the household all the time, for example, having the jester eat his meals close to the lord, where he could observer everyone and make comments on anyone where the lord could hear him.

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Who became court jesters?

Court jesters were people who seemed funny to the monarch. This feature was mostly based on their wit.

Where did court jesters live?

In the castle

What did kings and queens do for entertainment?

Kings & Queens used court jesters for entertainment. Court jesters were usually people who were deformed physically - this is why they were given the job of court jester.

What did jesters eat?

Depending on the monarch's whim, jesters generally as well as anyone in the court. They were considered important distraction from the drudgery of everyday life.

Do jesters get killed by the royal family?

Heavens no, Jesters were in effect Court comedians!- Funnymen, clowns- sadly some may have been what we now call Freaks.

How much did Tudor court jesters get paid exactly?

There were no set wages for a jester.

Where did medieval jesters live?

Jesters (the term 'jester' was not even coined until the Tudor times in England) were a diverse group of entertainers who lived in a variety of places. Court jesters lived in medieval castles and were specifically employed by the king or barons.

What kind of courts do jesters perform at?

The courts of royalty play host to jesters. However, one could say that the court of public opinion is fertile ground for the committed jester.

What has the author Peter V MacDonald written?

Peter V. MacDonald has written: 'Return of the court jesters' -- subject(s): Courts, Humor, Law 'Court jesters cartoons' -- subject(s): Caricatures and cartoons, Courts, Pictorial Canadian wit and humor

When and where were court jesters popular?

Jesters have been very popular throughout different time periods and countries. For instance, there were early jesters in ancient Egypt and they were popular with the Aztecs in the 14th and 16th centuries as well. Clowns and jesters are characters in some of Shakespeare's most popular plays, indicating their popularity through the reigns of both Elizabeth I and James I. Possibly one of the most successful jesters was Archibald Armstrong, jester of King James VI. He was given great honors at court, but ran afoul by insulting too many influential people. However, that didn't stop him from acquiring estates in Ireland and still exhibiting court influence even during the reign of Charles I.

What is a jesters stick called?

A Jesters' Staff

What instruments do court jesters play?

Pretty sure it they play an Oud. An understated instrument, even today.

Are medieval minstrels jesters in training?

Medieval minstrels were not necessarily jesters-in-training. Minsterls traveled the countryside earning their living by entertaining, mostly by singing and playing instruments. Jesters entertained at court, usually by making witty observations, and juggling. and usually had a great deal of leeway in how they spoke to their patron.

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Where did Jesters live in Medieval times?

Medieval Jesters traveled from castle to castle, in the Medieval town.

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