What did girls wear in the 1930s bra wise?

Turns out, in the 1930's, women were wearing bras much like ours - but without the fancy technology that we have today. Instead, women wore bras that got their shape and structure from careful piecing together of the bra. The 1930's ushered in bras with separate cups. Most bra cups had seams in order to ensure that the cup did what it was supposed to do. Cups were often made from cotton lace and net, to provide the right support. This was a big change from the 1920's and the "flapper" look, which had tried to minimize and flatten breasts to create a boyish look. You would recognize many lingerie manufacturers from the 30's today. Many of the big names that are still in the lingerie business today were in the business then, including lingerie giant Warner's. If you are interested in more information on bras, check out my website: www.brawise.com