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Blacksmiths in the middle ages, as they do today, make things from iron and steel.

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What did a medieval armorer make?

An armorer made armor shields silverware and were sometimes blacksmiths

What is a medieval blacksmiths daily life?

they make weapons and useful utilitis made out of iron and steel.

Where did the medieval blacksmith live?

He lived in The Blacksmiths forge

How many medieval weapon blacksmiths are there left?

If you mean people who make weapons like they did in the middle,there are many who do this and they sell the weapons/armour that they make.

What did medieval blacksmiths wear?

the clothes that they were giant monkey costumes.

What was a medieval blacksmiths daily routine?

their daily routine is sleeping

What did a metal worker do for fun in the Medieval Times?

Metal workers were called blacksmiths in the medieval times. They made a lot of swords and daggers, shields, and some other stuff too. I don't think they could've did something for fun then. Blacksmiths needed to get money for their families, money was hard to get in the medieval times unless you are a member of the royal family or a noble. Even if blacksmiths could make something for fun, they would probably make cool tools for themselves or a toy for their children.

What types of smiths existed in medieval Europe?

Blacksmiths, later on, gunsmiths.

What are facts about blacksmiths?

Blacksmiths make hot fore.

Does blacksmiths make shield's?

Yes, blacksmiths made and still make shields

Were blacksmiths considered peasants in medieval ages?

yes they were considered peasants in a way

What types of jobs did people have in medieval Europe?

Blacksmiths, Goldsmiths, servant, Chamberlain,

What are some famous blacksmiths names?

The names of some blacksmiths are unknown. You would possibly have to go on the internet and look up medieval. Read a little into that.

What tools did medieval blacksmiths use?

Blacksmiths used a large array of tools, but the ones you hear about most are the forge, bellows, anvil, hammer, and tongs.

What was the role of a medieval blacksmith?

The role of the medieval blacksmith, like that of blacksmiths before and after the middle ages, was to work iron and make iron products such as horseshoes, tools bars, gates and many other products.

Did medieval blacksmiths have holidays?

Nearly everyone had at least holidays in medieval Europe. Since blacksmiths were likely to set their own schedules, they could celebrate holidays as they chose. There is a link to a related question where there is a list of some Church holidays.

Who took care of the horses shoes in medieval times?

Most medieval ironwork, including horse shoes, was taken care of by blacksmiths.

Where blacksmiths important in medieval times?

Black smiths where important in the medieval times because they made all the swords and house shoes ext..

How much did medieval armor cost?

It was very expensive and took many armourers and blacksmiths along time to make. Knights would often keep their armour for life.

What jobs did medieval peasants do in the autumn?

Medieval peasants weren't just farmers, many were blacksmiths, goldsmiths or fishmongers. Farmers would work with the animals in autumn.

How did a blacksmiths day go by in medieval times?

a Blacksmiths day would go by as waking ui\p at the crack of dawn and blacksmithing all day. a Blacksmiths day would go by as waking ui\p at the crack of dawn and blacksmithing all day.

What do the blacksmith eat?

Blacksmiths would have eaten the same food common to most villagers in medieval times.

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