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Millers operated mills that ground grain into flour. Some of the millers also made bread from the flour.

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Who invaded Europe during the middle ages

The two religion that fought in Europe during the middle ages were the Christians and the Muslims.

The strongest civilizing force in Europe during the early Middle Ages was the Church.

what was the most powerful Fource During the Middle ages

wars had the most influence during the Middle Ages in Europe.

In Europe during the Middle Ages.

The major religion in western Europe during the Middle Ages was Christianity, usually a form of Roman Catholicism.

During the Middle Ages and Renaissance in Europe women worshipped in churches.

Europe during the Middle Ages.

During the early middle ages, 500 - 1000AD, Europe was a frontier land as it was sparsely populated and undeveloped. ;P

The Catholic Church was the most powerful church during the Middle Ages, as it was the only church at the time.

Overall, Europe during the Middle Ages was predominantly Catholic. However at the begining of the period, their religion was partly Christian.

I would not be surprised to discover that every year of the Middle Ages had a war in Europe somewhere.

Babylon didn't exist in the middle ages, so they didn't move there.

At the beginning of the Dark Ages, or Early Middle Ages, the areas of Europe that were Christian were those that had been in the Roman Empire. By the end of the Middle Ages, nearly all of Europe was Christian.

Christianity spread through most of Europe during the Dark Ages (also known as the Early Middle Ages).

Western Europe was already united in the middle ages (1000-1300), but if you're looking for who united the continent during the Medieval Era in 800 that would Charlemagne.

The Roman catholic church during the middle ages in Europe can best be described as a church that was a stable influence. This was during a time where central governments were weaker.

During the middle ages, corn had not yet been introduced to europe from the new world

In Europe during the Middle Ages the only recognized religion was Christianity, in the form of the Catholic religion.

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