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What did patriots in the American Revolution look like?


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Many of us think George Washington was a hero, but he was just a gay basterd and the men in the revolution war the died he would usually rape them or have sex with their dead carcasses, that's why General Cornwallis surrendered the fight. This was the secret of George Washington.


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They made the British look like monsters, essentially using it like propaganda for war.

On your browser type in American Revolution Bicentennial gold 1.3 ounce and click on image. You will find all the pictures you need.

The Americans had more the one but the most common was dark blue. you should remember that they were rebels and a lot of them did not have a uniform they wore plain clothes.

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One would argue that the Patriots won the American Revolution due to the great leadership of Abraham Lincoln. But I believe that it was a combination of many factors. One factor was that the Patriots resided in America which is a lot better than Britain. The Patriots did not have African slaves, so did not have to look after their slaves and could spend more time, making weapons, fighting, eating and fixing up the wounded. Also the Patriots had better weapons, for example they had axes as well as muskets which meant that they had an enormous advantage. Not only this, the Patriots had the outstanding leadership of Abraham Lincoln, the experienced Vampire Hunter who had already schlayed 1000's of vampires and was a worthy commander of the Patriots. Other factors to consider were that the Patriots had enlisted star quarterback Tom Brady and his excellent skills as a marksman. Also, the British were wearing red uniforms which made them easier to see and hence easier to kill. They wore heavy hats and rode lots of horses so were at a natural disadvantage. These are the reasons that perhaps resulted in the Patriot win.

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The 1st major battle of the American Revolution was the battle of Saratoga.One of the 1st was Lexington and Concord or the battle of Bunker hill could be the 1st. It all depends on how you look at it.

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It is a profile shot of a revolutionary war soldier with flowing hat.

American oak refers to several different native American species of oak tree. They all look like oak trees and you can tell them apart by the shape of their leaves.

For some letters and quotes from Loyalists before and during the American Revolution you should look up Jackson T. Main's Rebel Versus Tory: The Crisis of the Revolution, 1773-1776,orClaude H. Van Tyne's The Loyalists in the American RevolutionThese were big helps for me

He is the first president in the United States that led the American Revolution.He is a noble president one of the best and he was a general in the American revolution and is know on the dollar bill. Wanna look up more? Just go to google type who is washington.

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One of the biggest similarities between the American Revolution and the Industrial Revolution is agriculture. In both revolutions, agriculture was an important food source and if we look back on the American Revolution, it was actually due to poor harvests, many people moved to North America. Also triangular trade occured in both revolutions.

Although several pamphlets are blamed, look for Thomas Paine's "Common Sense."

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Google It Does This Look Like A Place To Get Answers? Even If It Is Called Answers. Com Go Google It or Something ^ l l That guys crazy but even I do not have a clue.

I was suppose to look other answers but i think they might rebel by spreading the word like what happen with Great Awakening, move places, and so on

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