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What did people do to challenge the churches authority?

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Being black... an Jewish

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What was a lesson that the enlightenment taught people?

It tried to teach people to think for themselves and challenge authority.

An effect of the great awakening was that?

New Churches Formed To Challenge Established Religion

Did the Reformation challenge the authority of the church?


How do you you challenge status quo?

Question authority.

In what ways did the Enlightenment and the Great Awakening prompt Americans to challenge traditional sources of authority?

The Enlightenment and the Great Awakening prompted Americans to challenge traditional sources of authority. These movements showed citizens the how to reason and think for themselves, instead of just following authority. They felt that people should follow the way of Jesus instead of blindly following the current leaders in authority.

What authority did The 95 Theses challenge?

The 95 Theses challenged the authority of the Roman Catholic church.

A sentence with the word acquiescent in it?

He was too acquiescent to challenge authority

What proposed a challenge to the constitutional authority of the national government?

peace with France

Which is a challenge to extending giroa's authority across Afghanistan?

All of the above

What purposed a challenge to constitutional authority of the national government?

political parties.

How do you put absolute in a sentence?

No one dare challenge her absolute authority

Differences between Catholic and episcopal churches?

The Episcopal church does not recognize the authority of the Pope.

What is the difference between Missionary Baptist doctrine compare to southern Baptist doctrine?

Missionary Baptist Churches do not believe in denominations or the invisible governance of another higher organization. They believe that the management of the churches should be independent of each other and therefore visible. Churches of these kind trace back their church authority through the chain of churches to the early Christian churches of the first century.Southern Baptist churches are churches linked to the Southern Baptist Convention, an organization of churches and pastors who plant new churches and manage them through the local convention mission.. therefore each church organized are not independent in local management. There is also a question here of church authority which could not be traced back to the early Christians because said authority stops at the convention.

What is the difference of the Anglican church hierarchy and the roman catholic hierarchy?

The Anglican Church refers to the Church of England and others direclty associated with it.The Episcopal Church broke with the Church of England after the American Revolution but has reconciled. It describes itself as "Protestant but Catholic"The Anglican Communion is a loose confederation of churches including some Luthern and Methodist churches.There is no international organization or authority over Anglican CommunionChurches.The highest authority in the Church of England is the Archbishop of Canterbury.The other churches have the local bishop as the highest authority. S/he can be removed by the members of the church.Episcopal Churches have ordained women and gays as priests.The Roman Catholic Church has the Pope at the Vatican as the Supreme Authority of EVERY Roman Catholic Church. Local members have no authority over their priests.

What do you call the people who take care of churches?

the people who look after the churches are called a vicar

How was the Protestant Reformation known as a revolution?

because the protestants were rebelling against the catholic churches rule and authority since they did not like the catholic churches way of ruling

What are the Christian sources of authority?

Christian sources of authority are primarily the Bible. Some Christian churches have leaders who receive revelations from God giving them authority like the Catholic Pope or the Mormon Prophet.

Who is the head of the Baptist church?

Asking for the head of 'the Baptist church' is like asking who is the king of the United States. There is no person who is the authority, like the Catholics' pope. Baptist churches often are part of an association, such as the Southern Baptist Convention. However, even in these associations often churches remain autonomous--there is no one with authority over all Baptist churches. The only authority figure we truly have is Jesus Christ, and that is for all true Christians alike.

Which colonial action was the most direct challenge to British law and authority?

The organizing of Minutemen

How did the great awakening help prepare colonists to break away from England?

The movement split churches. It also stirred up ideas of individual worth, equality, and the right to challenge authority. These ideas prepared the colonists to break away from England.

What kinds of churches attract most people?

Roman Catholics Churches......

HOW does the pentecstal churches baptise people?

Pentecostal churches baptise by immersion.

What are 'Challenge Coins'?

coins you challenge people with

Number of people that are in pentecostal churches today?

it is over 600 million people in the pentecostal churches today....

What did Charles V face the major challenge of During his reign?

Reformation (i.e .Protestant churches started to form).