What did radio operators wear in World War 2?

My father was a radio operator on the B-17 Flying Fortress heavy bomber during WWII. I interviewed him and this is what he told me in regards to what they wore. They each had a parachute. It was required. He wore an oxygen mask in order to breathe. You had to have it on at about 10,000 feet otherwise you would succumb to anoxia. There was a small tube that fed oxygen into it. He wore heavy gloves to prevent frostbite. At 25,000 feet, the temperatures would reach 30 degrees below zero. He wore a flight suit(flak suit) that was electrically heated. He told me he secretly took 2 extra flak suits aboard to give him extra protection against German flak. He wore the extra suits over his chest as well as over his lap to protect himself "down there" if you know what I mean! They also wore those heavy leather jackets that were lined with curly fleece. They were very warm. He wore fur lined boots which were not heated. All crew members wore flight caps to protect your head and ears from frostbite.