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The Virginia Plan, in having a unicameral legislature whose delegates are assigned by population (much like having just the House of Representatives), favored large states, because their large populations would give them power.

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The Virginia plan tends to favor the larger states. It wanted a bicameral legislature that was based on population.

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Q: What did states with large populationfavorthe Virginia plan?
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Did the Virginia Plan appeal to large states or small states?

The Virginia Plan appealed to large states and in fact was also known as The Large-State Plan. It was created by James Madison on May 29, 1787.

What plan at the Philadelphia Convention favored the large states because it wanted representation based on population?

Virginia plan

What plan way supported by a large amount of states?

The Virginia plan.

What is the historical significance of Virginia plan?

The Virginia plan wanted = Large states wanted representation by populationThe New Jersey plan wanted = Small states wanted equal number of representation

What plan was suggested by the large states as a basis for the new legislative branch?

Virginia Plan

Who did the Virginia plan benefit?

favored large states, many people.

This plan was supported by the large what states?

No the plan was meant for the smaller states for equal representation whereas the Virginia plan was meant to be recorded by population.

What plan of government favored the smaller states?

the sdr plane was the smaller size in worl

Which states supported the viginia plan?

The Virginia Plan favored mostly the larger states because it was based on population. The New Jersey Plan favored smaller states because each state represented equally.

Which plan did both large and small states agree upon when creating the great compromise?

The virginia plan and jersey plan!

What type of representation would states under the Virginia Plan?

According to the Virginia Plan, states with a large population would have more representatives than smaller states. Large states supported this plan, while smaller states generally opposed it. Under the New Jersey Plan, the unicameral legislature with one vote per state was inherited from the Articles of Confederation.

What was the state that proposed the large state plan?

Virginia (the Large State Plan was also called the Virginia Plan).