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The Virginia plan of the constitution convention is the plan that was favored by states that had larger populations at the time.

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The Virginia Plan

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Virginia Plan

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virginia plan

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Q: What plan at the Philadelphia Convention favored the large states because it wanted representation based on population?
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Why did Madison and Hamilton call for constitutional convention?

Madison and Hamilton called for a constitutional convention because they wanted the Americans to get there rights.

What was the outcome of the Annapolis Convention?

The Annapolis Convention resulted in a request for a larger convention where all states would send delegates authorized to examine broad issues. This led to the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia.

If the Congress of Confederation had been located in Philadelphia would the Constitutional Convention have had more or less chance of succeeding?

Well, the Congress of the Confederation was a legislative branch under the Articles of Confederation. So the Constitutional Convention would've still come turned out the way it regularly turned out to be. The states would still have the same powers because the government was under the Articles of Confederation was a weak government anyways.

What plan called for states to be represented on the basis of teir population in both houses of government?

The big state plan, or the Virginia plan called for states to be represented based on population, because Virginia as a state with a large population would consequently gain considerable influence under their own plan.

What is the importance of the great compromise?

The Great Compromise was significant in that it established how our legislature is set up to this day. Originally it was intended to be one body, but large states like Virginia wanted representation based on population, whereas smaller states like New Jersey wanted representation based on the same number of delegates, regardless of population. The Great Compromise proposed having both, setting up our legislative bodies.

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Was the group at the Philadelphia convention a fair representation of people?

No, Because there were no black, Woman, indentured servants, free black, young people or anyone anyone not at the age of 42 or 43 it was not a fair representation of people

Named one reason philadelphia was chosen as the site of the convention?

One reason why Philadelphia was chosen as the site of the convention was because of the symbolic Independence Hall.

Why was the Constitutional Convention not called that at the time?

The Constitutional Convention was not referred to by that name because the convention was held to amend the Articles of Confederation, not to create a new framework for the US government. At the time, it was referred to alternately as the Convention at Philadelphia, or the Philadelphia Convention. It acquired the "Constitutional" label later because that it was a more appropriate name for the historic event.

Which state chose not to attend the convention in philadelphia?

because paul montoya was the boss

Why did the Philadelphia Convention impose a rule of secrecy?

The Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia was kept secret from the public to prevent interference. Details were finally released to the public in 1840.

How many states took part in the first Constitutional Convention?

Twelve. All states were present except for Rhode Island because they thought they would not be adequately represented. This was before the Great Compromise which led to the bicameral legislation of representation by population (house of representatives) and equal representation (senate).

Issues was settled by the Three-Fifths Compromise at the Constitutional Convention?

The Three-Fifths Compromise settled the issue of how slave populations would be considered in determining representation in the House of Representatives. In the South, the slave population sometimes outnumber the white population because of the immense number of slaves the plantation owners had.

Why did smaller states want equal representation?

In the Virginia plan they wanted it based on population because they were a bigger state. But in the New Jersey plan they wanted an equal representation because they had a smaller population.

How was the Philadelphia Convention organized?

Congress called for the convention, pressured by several states, to deal with the problems the country was facing due to the Articles of Confederation. The states then sent delegates to the convention in Philadelphia for the purpose of creating a better constitution for the country.

When was the Constitution convention was called?

The only Constitutional Convention in US history was called in 1787. At the time, it was known as the Philadelphia Convention, because the delegates simply intended to revise the Articles of Confederation, not write an entirely new Constitution.

What was the original purpose of the constitutional convention held in may 1787 in Philadelphia's independence hall?

The original purpose of the 1787 Philadelphia Convention was to revise the Articles of Confederation, the first document outlining the operation of the United States national government. The Articles of Confederation lacked provisions for a federal court system, fair representation of the states in Congress, and a President. Many of the 55 delegates at the Convention finally concluded there was no way to patch the old system, so they secretly rewrote the plan for government in the US Constitution. The Philadelphia Convention later became known as the Constitutional Convention.

Where was the meeting to try to fix the articles of confederation?

The convention beginning on May 25, 1787, was referred to as the Phildelphia Convention or the Grand Convention, but because it actually led to the replacement of the Articles with a new Constitution, it is usually called the Constitutional Convention.