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In the Virginia plan they wanted it based on population because they were a bigger state. But in the New Jersey plan they wanted an equal representation because they had a smaller population.

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Because there were big states

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Q: Why did smaller states want equal representation?
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Why did the New Jersey want equal representation in the legislature and Virginia want representation based on population?

New Jersey wanted each state to have the same number of representatives so that each would have an equal say in the running of the government. Virginia wanted representation based on population because it was more densely populated, and wanted a larger say in the running of the government.

What was the norths position of the counting of slaves for representation?

The Northern States did not want the slaves to have any representation because they feared the Southern States would gain more power because of the number of representatives. They wanted to have equall power with the rest of the country.

What did large states want as far as representation?

Large states wanted as much representation as possible for their state. They wanted this so they could have a more powerful state. They at one point planned to secede from the union. They wanted to do this so they could be even more powerful.

Details of both New Jersey and Virginia plans and suggest why a state would have supported one or the other?

The Virginia Plan wanted representation based on the population of a state. The New Jersey Plan wanted to all states to have the same number of representatives no matter the size of the state or it's population. A larger state would want the Virginia Plan because they would have more government representatives. Smaller states would support the New Jersey Plan because they would have equal representatives.

Why did Congress not want the Northwest Territory divided into only two states?

Congress did not want the northwest territory divided in to only two states because it would be hard to govern large areas. That also thought smaller states would the land would be settled evenly as well.

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How did small states want to base representation in Congress?

Small states wanted representation in Congress to be equal for all states regardless of their size or population, because they felt each state was an equal partner in the new nation and feared that they would be outvoted in Congress by larger states if representation were based on population alone. The legislature would consist of two house : a House of Representatives, with membership based based on state population, and a Senate, with each state receiving two members. This agreement became known as the Connecticut Compromise.

Why did small states want representation by state?

Large states wanted to base representation in Congress on population. Smaller states supported the New Jersey Plan, which would have allowed each state to have an equal vote.

What did small states want at the constitutional convention?

The smaller states followed the "Connecticut Plan" which, as opposed to the larger states' preference, the "Virginia Plan," made plans for a unicameral body in which all states had equal representation - today known as the Senate. The Virginia Plan, on the other hand, was favored by the larger states because it stated that larger populations would equal greater representation in Congress - today known as the House of Representatives.

Why did some people want representation to be based on population?

With regard to representation in the House of Representatives, states are represented according to their populations. Representation in the Senate is based on 2 delegates per state, regardless of population.

What issue needed to be settled before the smaller states agreed to the Article of Confederation?

There was an issue of representation of states in congress. The smaller or less populous states would want as much power in congress as larger states like Pennsylvania.

What issue needed to settled before the smaller states agreed to the article of confederation?

There was an issue of representation of states in congress. The smaller or less populous states would want as much power in congress as larger states like Pennsylvania.

What concerned larger states about their representation in congress?

Big states did not want to have only the same number of representatives as smaller states, as they had more people and a perceived need for a larger voice. Smaller states didn't want to be overpowered in the legislature by bigger, more populated states, because the small states were just as equal a part of America as were the bigger states. The Constitutional Convention elected to create both houses in the legislature - the House of Representatives, where representation is determined by population, and the Senate, where each state gets two representatives, regardless of population or size.

What did small states want as far as representation in the new constitution?

They wanted equal representation for their states. Mainly because they measured how much representation you got by how many people you had in your state. So bigger cities such as New York and Pennsylvania (at the time) had alot of representation in voting and other political matters.

What developed between the large and small states over how representation should be chosen for the new government?

At the Constitutional Convention, states with huge populations want proportional representation. Small states wanted equal representation. The compromise consisted of the House of Representatives apportioned by population, and the Senate which has two Senators from each state.

Why did the small states want equal representation?

The small states feared that the states with larger populations would control the national government. To avoid this problem, the small states wanted each state to have the same number of representatives in Congress. This is called equal representation. sources: Quigley N. Charles, Rodriguez. We the People The Citizen and the Constitution. Calabasas, CA. Center for Civic Education, 2007.

Did larger states want representation from the legislature to be based on their size?


Did Alexander Hamilton Want Equal Representation Or Proportional Representation?

Proportional. Because he came from new york, which was a large state. Obviously he didnt want the same amount as a small state like Delaware.