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Gallipoli Campaign

What did the ANZAC carry when they were taken to Gallipoli?

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guns guns

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Where did the anzac lands there ships in gallipoli?

at Gallipoli dumby

How did anzac solders get to gallipoli?

By ship.

Where did the ANZAC land at?

They landed at Gallipoli

Where did the ANZACs land?

The ANZAC soldiers landed on the Gallipoli Peninsula on the Turkish Aegean coast.

What is the connection between the Anzac cove and Gallipoli?

Anzac Cove is where the Anzacs fought in Gallipoli, they set up their trenches there and basically lived there

When did the ANZAC troops leave Gallipoli?

The ANZAC troops were evacuated from Gallipoli eight months after the initial landing which occurred on 25 April 1915.

How did the ANZAC soldiers travel to Gallipoli?

by boat

Where did the Anzac s sail from to get to gallipoli?


Why is Gallipoli significant?

Because it is where ANZAC fought

When and where was the Anzac invasion of Galipoli?

Gallipoli 1915.

Why is the beach at Gallipoli called?

Anzac cove

Why is the anzac symbol a flower?

The ANZAC symbol is a flower because rosemary is found in Gallipoli.

In what Turkish region were the ANZAC troops landed in 1915?

The ANZAC troops landed in Gallipoli.

How long were Australian soldiers in Gallipoli?

The ANZAC campaign in Gallipoli lasted for eight months.

Where was the battle remembered on ANZAC Day?

ANZAC Day commemorates the landing of the ANZAC troops at Gallipoli on the Turkish Aegean coast.

Who stated the ANZAC war?

There was no such thing as the "ANZAC war". It was part of World War One and called the Gallipoli Campaign. Technically the British did when they landed troops at Gallipoli.

How many anzac soldiers died at gallipoli?

about 11,000

ANZAC troops fight in which country?

They fought in Gallipoli

What became know as the Anzac cove?

Gallipoli Penisula

Where did the word gallipoli come from?

it come from anzac day

What did the New Zealand soldiers eat in Gallipoli?

The food in Gallipoli (as it was near impossible to carry it from the beach of Anzac Cove up into the trenches) consisted of A tin of jam, biscuits, some dried meat and potatoes.

What aspects of the ANZAC legend are reinforced in the film Gallipoli?

Some aspects of the ANZAC legend displayed in the film Gallipoli include:mateshiployaltycourage under fire

What year did the ANZAC campaign commence?

There was no ANZAC campaign. Presuming that "ANZAC campaign" refers to the Gallipoli campaign, where the ANZAC legend was born, this occurred in 1915. To be precise, the Gallipoli campaign began in the early hours of 25 April 1915, and continued for around eight months.

How did the anzac biscuits get to Gallipoli?

It is actually a myth that the anzacs got anzac biscuits from their family back home.

When did the gallipoli campaign begin?

The Gallipoli campaign began with the landing of the ANZAC troops on 25 April 1915.

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