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How many Australian soldiers died in World War 2?

39.800 Australian Soldiers were killed during WW2.

How many Australian soldiers fought in World War 1?

300,000 soldiers fought in world war one,62,000 died leaving 228,000 soldiers

How many Australians died in World War I?

About 61,928 Australian soldiers died during World War I.

What war did Australian soldiers enter in 1914?

The only war going at the time was World War 1.

How many Australian soldiers were sent to world war 2?

Around 20,000 thousand Western Australian Soldiers were sent to war in Greece to aid Australia's greatest ally during that time, Britain.

How did Australian soldiers get to World War 2?

by ship, most serving in the pacific islands.

How were Australian soldiers trained in world war 1?

They were taken overseas, to Egypt where they trained.

How many Australian soldiers became prisoners of war during World War 2?

26,358 Australian soldiers, of all branches(RAN, RAAF, Army) became POWs during World War II. This number includes both the Pacific war against Japan and the war in Europe, against Germany.

Did Australian soldiers get leave during World War 2?

Yes, but not always back in Australia.

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