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What did the British flag look like during the American Revolution?


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During the American Revolution, the British flag was the old union jack that had been designed for the navy of King James I of England and made the official flag of the Kingdom of Great Britain with the Acts of Union 1707. It was the Cross of St George, a red + cross on white, superimposed on the Cross of St Andrew, a white x cross on blue.

The old union jack differed from the current one, because it did not have the other crosses superimposed on the Cross of St Patrick, a red x cross on white, as the new one does.

There is a link below to an image of the Union Jack at the time of the American Revolution. For the purpose of comparison, there is also a link to the newer Union Jack.


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None she had no role. Congress gives credit to Francis Hopkinson who designed the flag. The first flag was made for the navy in 1776 and it was a basic British flag with stripes. The second flag had stars where the British flag had a cross.

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They didn't have an American Flag During the revolution but until after the war. They Needed a flag to represent our new country.-EpicMan09

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The union flag (british) when the USA belonged to Britiain before the US revolution

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