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What did the Incas trade?

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The Incas traded many things with native people in different regions. The Incas traded things they considered sacred such as quinoa, chia seeds, and above all else gold.

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How did Incas trade?

trding with spanairds

What was the second largest item of trade for the Incas?

textile was the second largest item of trade for the incas. they never cut it because it was valuable

Where did the Incas trade?

i have no idea so ya

Why did the Incas make their pottery?

Because the honey trade was so prevalent in South America in the time of the Incas, they required storage devices for their honey trade.

What kind of things did Incas trade?

crafts, food

How did the Incas controlled nearby lands?

from trade and barter.

What was the Incas' greatest natural resorce?

gold for trade

Did the Mayas and incas sell or trade?

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What would the Incas trade for money?

they traded by caravans they traded by caravans

Did the Incas trade with anybody?

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What did the Incas transport on their roads?

Things that they were importing/exporting and things for trade.

Who Inca trade with?

The Incas traded with other people of the local community. The Incas relied heavily on Nature. They planted corn and other crops.

How did the Incas create their empire?

by having their people trade and grow crop to sell

Where did the Incas of Central America live?

The Incas all lived in South America. The Maya had been a culture in Central America but that culture had collapsed before the Spanish arrived. The Aztecs ruled Mexico. In the past few years there have been some discoveries that some trade might have existed between the Aztecs and the Incas. No indication has surfaced of any trade between the Incas and Central America.

Where did Incas trade?

The Incas were fairly self-sufficient and trading was not a necessity. However, they did trade gold, silver, and cow leaf to the imperial capital, Cuzco, and other goods with local communities. They had no need to trade among themselves, so trade was always with outsiders. They sometimes traded their time, labor and knowledge for essential goods.

Who did the Inca's trade with in the early modern era?

The Incan Empire had a system of roads and bridges that was useful for trade with other local communities.ÊHowever, the Incas did not have an extensive trade economy.

How did the physical geography affect the economics trade and urban centers of the Maya Aztecs and Incas?

it didnt

What did the Inca trade?

The Incas were mostly self-sustained and do not appear to have done a lot of trading. Items that they did use for trade included agricultural products and textiles.

Did the Incas trade with other tribes?

Yes they did they traded crops and flowers and many more of their products for money

Did the Aztecs or Mayans or Incas ever encounter or trade or fight with the Native Americans?

The Aztecs, Mayans, and Incas were the Native Americans! Yes, they fought with and conquered many of their neighboring the Native American tribes.

Who did the Incas interact with?

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What did incas were?

The Incas were clothes

How were the Incas ruled?

the incas were governed

What problems did the incas have?

what problems DID INCAS have

What did the Incas believe in?

The Incas beleved in the sun