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if you are refering to the time or the famine load of them died on the way the rest rowed the boat and just travelled and hoped they wouldnt die to

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Where do Irish people live in America?

Irish people live all over America, in every single state.

What was the theme why Irish people came to America?

Irish people mainly came to America due to the famine in Ireland, where the potatos that the Irish relied on for food caught a disease and died. Irish came to America to escape starvation and poverty.

Why does America celebrate st Patrick's day?

Because of the large amount of Irish people and people of Irish descent that live in America.

Were their any colonizaton among the Irish in America?

No. The Irish were the last people who would ever colonize, as colonization was why they were in America.

Did the Irish potato famine effect America?

It affected America in that many Irish people emigrated to America. The actual blight that caused the famine did not affect America.

Did Irish people leave Ireland to come to America?

Yes, a huge amount of Irish people have left Ireland to go to America, for hundreds of years.

Irish in the US?

Many Irish people emigrated to America during the Great Famine in 1845. Many of them established large communities in Newfoundland. Therefore, there is now many Irish people in America.

Is Irish dancing an Irish tradition?

It is a tradition of the Irish and is like a handshke in irish irish dancing is and was a way of life for irish people

How many Irish people live in America 2010?


Is Irish American in a particular region of the country?

Irish-American refers to people in America who claim Irish ancestry. Irish-Americans live all over America.

What is up with Irish people dancing?

its a way to express Irish culture

Why do Americans love the Irish?

Because there are so many people in America that have Irish roots and because there are many Irish here!

How did the Irish Get to America In the famine?

they got there by ship. the journey was months long and half the people died on the way. people now call these ships "coffin ships"

What was the reason Irish people came to America?

the potato famine

Why were so many Irish people affected by the famine?

it was only in ireland and nowhere els so they started shiping people out to america but they died on the way because once you where in ireland there would be a chance you would get it i am irish thats how i now

Are Irish people basque?

like no way

Why do Irish people have ginger on their skin?

Some Irish people do, but many don't. It is the genes of some Irish people in the same way various traits can be found in other countries.

3 groups of people who migrated to America?

Jewish, Irish, Chinese.

What colony had Jewish people Irish catholic and German Lutheran?


How many Irish people lived in America 1870?

1.5 gazillion

Where did Irish people go when they first arrive in America?

ellis island

Why do Irish people celebrate Thanksgiving in a different way?

Ireland does not celebrate Thanksgiving at all. It is US and Canadian holiday. Nobody else celebrates it. The Irish living in America, celebrate Thanksgiving the same as everyone else.

What caused the Irish to have to do the hard work when they came to America?

The immigrants from Ireland had to work to get money for their children to have an education. And because in 1900, there were more Irish people in America than there were in Ireland.

How many Irish came to America?

There were 18,000 Irish immigrants that came to America.

How did the Irish immagrants get to America?

The Irish got to America by a boat. It was then that they made history.