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What did the Ku Klux Klan's uniforms look like?



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Like a sheet over their head with pointy hats/masks. The KKK was actually formed to do good when it first started and somewhere along the line someone decided to change the rules. According to the KKK they want an Arian race, but the joke is on them because if you pick 100 of them their ancestors probably aren't pure either so where does it all end! The KKK in my opinion where nothing more than bullies with no guts because they hid behind those sheets. The head of the KKK worse a red sheet for each division and the Grand Master wore blue. To me when a man (or woman) won't show their face for what they believe in then they are the devil on horseback! The KKK is down to only a few thousand members and fading fast (although they would have others believe they are as strong as ever.) They are also in Canada and my husband and I came across a meeting once by accident. My husband and I went to a local dam where we always went walking with our dogs and when we turned the corner to go up through the usual trail there was a man (without the sheet) with a rifle slung across his arms. He did have a T-shirt on with the big KKK in black. He leered at us and told us to get out! We looked behind him and saw a huge bonefire. We didn't argue the point!