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What did the Senate's of Rome do?


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The senate was an advisory body for the king (during the period of the monarchy) and the consuls (during the period of the republic). During the period of rule by emperors the senate remained an advisory body, but its power and influence was significantly curtailed. The senate also represented the interests of the aristocracy.

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Well Rome started using senates when they became a republic because they didnt want to be a democracy

Because Julius caesar had taken mostly over rome and trying to be the emporer rome! and also caesar killed one of the senates.... (P.S: i am a history teacher in california)

Julius Caesar never became "king" of Rome. The senates stabbed him to death because they thought he was going to become "king" of Rome

Senates did, however, Tribunes made hard to make laws because it was tribunes responsebilities to protect making laws.

senates are elected each time another senates 6 years is up; a new senate is elected every years

Caesar was murdered because he treated everyone with no respect and had too much power he thought he could rule Rome and never made the senates do there job

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Well, Julius Caesar was a war hero and led many legionaries into battle but he was working with the Senates of Rome to rule the Roman republic- AKA SPOR which stands for Senate People Of Rome. Caesar was a political leader.

The noun 'senate' is singular (one senate).The plural noun is senates.

In the Forum at Rome, supposedly at the foot of Pompey's statue. In addition to that not one person but the entire senate did it even Ceaser's best friend for more general area: the house of the senates!

I guess that you mean senators. A senate is not a person and therefore does not live. The senators lived at their own homes. They met for the sessions of the senate at the curia, the senate house.

Julius Caesar was a dictator so he was the ruler of everything which meant Rome was no longer a Republic and because he was a dictator he did not listen to the senates, so one day the senates held a big meeting with Caesar and tried to kill him. Caesar was half dead when Brutus arrived (his supposed to be friend) and Brutus betrayed him and killed him so Caesar son Augustus took over the thrown and Rome once again became a republic. (Ashlea Sloman) JULIUS CAESAR CONQUERED MANY LANDS AND BEFORE HE DIED HE WAS KNOWN AS SOMEONE GREAT BECAUSE OF HIS ACHIEVEMENTS

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The Roman senate was an unelected body and it was an advisory body, not a legislative one like modern senates. It members came from the patrician aristocracy and the equites, which were an entrepreneurial elite which was like a lower tier of the aristocracy.

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