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What did the US do about European relations after World War 1?

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When the United States first entered the WWI, President Woodrow Wilson called it "the war to end all wars". Since the civil war, America had been quite isolationist, refusing to engage in overseas wars (except for the brief Mexican and Spanish-American wars), or join "entangling alliances" (Thomas Jefferson). After the atrocities of WWI, the majority of Americans regretted ever joining the war and resumed their isolationist policy (This is why the Senate did not ratify the treaty of Versailles or join the league of nations, despite Wilson's urging them to. It is even arguable that this is why the United States joined WWII so late). After World War I, the United states stayed as far as possible from European affairs.

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Theatres of War in world war?

The Pacific Theater, where the US fought Japan and the European theater the war, the war with European countries in the second world war

German relations with US in World War 2?

Germany declared war on the US after Pearl Harbour.

In World War 2 what was the relations between the United States and Japan?

The US and Japan were at war, so relations we not so great!

Were any battles of World War 1 in the US?

No, it was a European war.

How did poor relations with the Japanese lead the US into World War 2?

they attacked us

Would World War I have been in the US?

No, it was a European war we chose to become involved in.

What was the war US strategy in World War 2 on the European front?

To drive into Berlin.

What happened to US Russia relations at the close of World War 1?

At the end of World War II United State Russian relations largely deteriorated. (We should have just listened to Patton)

What was Japans and US relations during World War 2?

They weren't freinds i can tell you that......

What were the relations between the us and France during World War 2?

they were alliews during the war , along with England and russia

What were the factors that caused European nations in the US to become involved in World War 1?

There are no "European nations " in the United States that caused them to get involved in the war. European nations are in Europe.

What was the us envolvment in the eurpoien theater in World War 2?

the US won the war by smashing the Nazi's and freeing the European countries.

Why did US hesitated about entering world war 2?

Because it didn't want to enter a European war

How did World War 1 affect immigration to the US?

The US declared its neutrality at the beginning of the World War I, and one reason was the immigration of people from European countries. These Europeans were from the nations of both European powers, and therefore didn't allow the United States to side with a European Alliance.

Why did US emerge from World War 1 in a stronger economic condition than European nations?

The US emerged from World War I in a stronger economic condition than European nations because the war wasn't fought on US soil so we didn't have to rebuild and we entered the war late so we had fewer casualties.

What did Germany do to keep the us from breaking off diplomatic relations?

They fought for their rights in world war 1.

What happened to the relations between the US and the Soviet Union as a result of world war 2?

they died hahaha

What are 3 examples of detente?

Relations between US and Soviet Union during Cold War Relations between US and Vietnam during Vietnam war Soviet relations with PRC

How was the US economically tied to the western European nations after World War 1?


Where did 20th century European immigrants settle in the US?

the end of World War II

What European dictator was the us allied with during world war 2?

Josef Stalin

Which is a false statement about the US in the years after World War 1?

The United States emerged from World War I heavily in debt to European nations.

Which relates to US relations with al Qaeda?

the 1993 bombing of the world trade centerThe US relations with Al-Qaeda can be described as cold following America's war on terror-related activities.

Why didn't the US get involved in World War 2 before pearl harbor?

Isolationism. The US was war weary from the first world war, and saw the outbreak of a second one as a European matter that did not concern them.

Why US don't fought the World War I?

The US did fight in World War 1, although not from the beginning. Same for World War 2. When both world wars began, they were seen as European squabbles, and there was a strong feeling that the US should make every effort to stay out of them.

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