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America retaliated and dropped 3 bombs, I think it was three. And entered the war.

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Q: What did the US do to get back at the Japanese for attacking Hawaii?
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What was the Japanese rationale for attacking the US Naval Base in Hawaii?

It was hoped that by dealing a major blow to the US Pacific Fleet, the US would not be able to interfere with Japanese plans to become self sufficient by taking over a large part of the Dutch, French and English colonial empires in Asia.

Where did Japanese attack us?

Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

Where did the attack on Pearl Harbor happen?

AnswerPearl Harbor is a military base the Japanese attacked in Hawaii.Pearl Harbor was located in the "US Territory of Hawaii." Hawaii and Alaska were NOT states back then.AnswerThe Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on the morning of December 7, 1941. Pearl Harbor is a harbor on the island of Oahu, Hawaii.

Who attacked the US fleet in Pearl Harbor Hawaii?


Where did the Japanese army bomb the US?

Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

Where did Japanese attack the US fleet?

Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

Why did the Japanese attack Hawaii?

To remove the US Pacific Fleet from interferring with Japanese expansion in the Pacific.

Was the Japanese prime minister Tojo in favor of attacking the US?

Yes, Prime Minister Tojo was in favor of attacking the United States.

How did tyhe Americans try to stand up for the Japanese durin Pearl Harbor?

US ground crews fired back at the attacking airplanes; US Airmen took off in their airplanes and engaged Japanese airplanes in aerial combat (dog-fights).

A ten dollar bill with HAWAII stamped on the back - explain this?

During WWII, the U.S. Government feared a possible Japanese invasion of Hawaii, where they would then have access to a sizable amount of American currency. All the Hawaii bills, had the Japanese invaded, would be officially declared worthless and invalid.

How did Roosevelt's country ended up fighting in World War 2?

On December 7th in 1939 the Japanese bombed the USA by attacking the US Naval Fleet and US Army air force in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. This ushered the US into World War 2.

What if the Japanese didn't attacked Pearl Harbor?

If the Japanese did not attacked Pearl Harbor the United States will forgive Japan. The Japanese shouldn't be attacking Pearl Harbor. The United States will not attack Japan if the Japanese leave Pearl Harbor alone without attacking the US.

Which country forced the US into entering World War 2?

Japan forced the US into WWII by attacking Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

What did the US do to the Japanese to make them bomb pearl harbor?

Nothing, really. The Japanese were attacking China, and were mad that we were offering The Chinese aid.

What action by japan brought the US into WW2?

The attack on US forces in Hawaii, most notably attacking the US Navy at the Pearl Harbor Naval Base.

What was the allied victory that ended Japanese threats to Hawaii and the US?

The battle of midway

Who was the Japanese admiral who decided that the US fleet in Hawaii had to be destroyed?

Isoriku Yamamoto.

Which state was bombed during the pearl hrbor attack?

Hawaii was not yet a US state when the Japanese attacked on Dec 7, 1941. Hawaii was a US Territory.

Why did the Japanese attack Pearl Harbor show both views?

The Japanese needed to neutralize the US by attacking Pearl Harbor so that they could expand Japanese interests in the Pacific .

Why was the battle of Coral sea a victory for the US?

They drove off the Japanese from attacking a country on the coral sea

How did the Japanese justify attacking the US?

They felt "entitled" to the islands of the Pacific. They were doing it to increase the land that they controlled.

Why was the Battle of Coral Sea victory for the US?

They drove off the Japanese from attacking a country on the coral sea

Who was the President of the US during Japanese internment?

This happened during World War II after the Japanese attacked the US base in Hawaii when Franklin Roosevelt was president.

Where in the US began World War 2?

In Pearl Harbor, from the Japanese attacking us. Unless I'm thinking of WWI, that's right.

Why did the us participate in world war 2?

The Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor in Hawaii.