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The people of the battle of the bull run ate hardtack- a hard type of bread and also soups Diets were prett awful by today standards- salt pork, chicoree(like coffee) soda crackers, corn if they were lucky maybe a chicken they could procure

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they eat a pice of brad with a banna each day for breakfast lunch and dinner so each day they got to eat 3 bannas and 3 peices of bread

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Irish potatoes, chickens, molassas, wheat bread

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Hardtack also know as "sheet-iron crackers" or "teeth dullers"

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Q: What did the Union soldiers eat at the Chattanooga battle?
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What did the confeterate soldiers eat at the Chattanooga battle?

It wasn't the Confederates who were starving at Chattanooga. It was the besieged Union army, until Grant managed to find a way to get supplies across the Tennessee river. (The Cracker Line, the hungry troops called it.) Later in the war, it was the Confederates who were starving, after Sherman destroyed the rich Georgia farmland.

Where did union soldiers eat?


What civil war battle did the soldiers have to eat horses and mules?

Sounds like Confederates at the siege of Vicksburg. Could also have been the Army of the Cumberland, besieged at Chattanooga, and living on half-rations.

What did confederate soldiers eat during the Battle of Shiloh?

The starving Confederates allegedely ate the rations that were cooking on the Union fires in the camps they had just captured.

What did the union soilders eat?

The Union soldiers primarily ate hard tac and fatback.

What do the confederate soldiers eat at the Battle of Shiloh?

c rations

What did the soldiers eat in the battle of first bull run?


What food did the soldiers eat at the Battle of Shiloh?

they eat wheat bread and food that comes out of the bag

What did a Union Soldier eat during the Battle of Fredericksburg?


What did the black union soldiers in the civil war eat?

The black Union soldiers of the Civil War ate what everybody else ate, one of the meals were stewed donkey meat.

What did the union soldiers eat during the fight fort Sumter?

They ate rice and salt pork mainly (Source: Civil War Reenactor present at the 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Fort Sumter)

What did Union Soldiers in Civil War Eat?

water and flour roasted over a fire