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Q: What did the Vatican II Council promote?
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Related questions

What was the difference between Vatican I and Vatican II?

Vatican 1 was a dogmatic council and specifically addressed papal infallibility. Vatican II was a pastoral council (no dogma defined, no infallible teachings).

Who closed Vatican Council II?

Pope Paul VI closed Vatican II.

Is the Vatican II the Same as the 2nd Vatican council?


When and where was Vatican II held?

Vatican Council II (1962 - 1965) was held in Vatican City located in Rome, Italy.

Who was the pope who convened Vatican Council II?

Vatican II was called by Pope John XXIII.

What is one doctrine that came from Vatican Council II?

There were exactly no doctrines defined at the Second Vatican Council. The Second Vatican Council was the first purely pastoral council ever held in the Church.

Which Pope closed the Vatican Council II?

His Holiness, Pope Paul VI closed the Second Vatican Council.

Where was the 1962-65 Vatican held?

In Vatican City, thus the name Vatican Council II.

What has the author Austin Flannery written?

Austin Flannery has written: 'Saints in season' -- subject(s): Christian biography, Saints 'Vatican Council II' -- subject(s): Vatican Council (2nd : 1962-1965) 'Documents on the Vatican' 'Vatican Council 2' 'Vatican Council II' -- subject(s): Vatican Council (2nd : 1962-1965)

Where was Vatican Council II held?

The council was held mostly at the Vatican but some meetings were held at other venues in and around Rome.

How did the Vatican Council II help the Roman Church to grow?

We are still waiting for this to happen. It usually takes decades to fully implement a Council, and this hasn't yet happened with Vatican II.

What date was Vatican Council II convened?


When did the catholic church start saying mass in English?

After the Second Vatican Council (Vatican II).

Who was pope at the end of the Second Vatican Council?

Pope Paul VI closed Vatican II.

What is a Catholic Vatican Council?

There have been 21 Ecumenical Councils in the Church, not counting the Council of Jerusalem listed in the book of Hebrews. All are named after the city or place where they were held, thus the last two, Vatican Council I, and Vatican Council II are the last two Ecumenical Councils and both were held at the Vatican.

Which group of people were involved in the Vatican Council II?

Roman Catholic AnswerThe Second Vatican Council was an Ecumenical Council of the Church. By definition, an Ecumenical Council must be called by the Pope and all the Bishops of the world (or as many as can get there) attend. Vatican Council II was unique among councils as it invited non-bishops as observers.

What is the name or title given to the council of 1962-1965?

This council is generally called the Second Vatican Council or simply Vatican II. It is a council that was held for Roman Catholics, but it is not accepted or recognized by the Eastern Orthodox Church.

What happened after Vatican Council II?

After the Vatican Council II closed, the Popes started to implement the changes that were asked for by the Council. They are still in the process of that in the early 21st century, and will be at it for another fifty years. The Church doesn't move on the same time schedule as the modern world.

When did the Vatican II end?

The Second Vatican Council officially ended on the feast of the Immaculate Conception of Mary, 1965.

What was going on in the church when Paul VI was the pope?

Vatican Council II

What did Pope John XXIII convene in 1962?

Vatican Council II

Was Vatican II successful?

Vatican Council II was the twenty-first ecumenical Council of the Church. Ecumenical Council, if approved by the reigning Holy Father, be definition, are led by the Holy Spirit, and thus are outside our judgment as mere mortals. Whether it was implemented correctly is a whole different story.

Who was the saint for the Second Vatican Council?

As of 30 May 2014 there have been two named saints from the Second Vatican Council. Pope St. John XXIII was the pope that called the Council, and Pope St. John Paul II was a participant in the Council.

Why was the Vatican II set up?

The council addressed issues of modernizing the church.

How many years did vatican council 2 last?

Vatican II was held in four sessions in the autumn of the years 1962-1965.