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Their goal was to get the people of Judea Province to rebel against the Roman Empire and expel it from the Holy Land by force of arms

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Which Zealots do you have in mind?

the zealots beliefs were that the zealots wanted the son of good and to kill the Romans

The Zealots called for the violent overthrow of Roman rule.

The zealots fought the romans only for 2 years with an ancient mountain fort called Masada. Eventually, the Romans defeated the zealots.

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Ancient Hebrew tribe or group of people who were zealous, that is fanatical or uncompromising.

because the Romans forced there rules and believes on the zealots with coursed them to hate the Romans

because the Romans forced there rules and believes on the zealots with coursed them to hate the Romans

There were none. The Zealots rebelled against Rome during the reign of Nero.

The Zealots didn't attack the Romans. The Romans were going to attack but all the Zealots killed themselves. Over 960 children, men and woman died. Now, that's a different story. They believe the Romans attacked, or were going to attack, because the Zealots would, in a way, pull pranks on the Romans. The Romans got tired of living over 1,000 feet below the Zealots because it also gave the Zealots a advantage at numerous things.Hoped this helped!:)

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the zealots drove them out of Jerusalem and the zealots are a group of Jews that wanted to revolt against the Romans

They had a part in exchanging Jesus for Barabbas. Barabbas was one of the Zealots, who were trying to overthrow the Romans ruling Judea.

When Jesus rode the jews into jeruselum the zealots where the ones laying down the palm leaves

The Zealots were a Jewish rebel group. They lived among others in the world but sought to keep themselves pure.

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The Zealots were the people just under the Pharisees. They absolutely hated the Romans because they ruled their land. The Zealots wanted Jesus dead because He did not live up to their expectations as the Messiah. As Messiah Jesus was expected to deliver all the other nations into the hands of the Zealots but He did none of these things, therefore the Zealots got annoyed and they wanted Him dead. The Zealots also wanted to kill Jesus for his sympathetic behaviour towards tax collectors. This is because the Zealots as a group were strongly different to any form of Roman rule and therefore would have been angry with Jesus for encouraging other Jews to pay their taxes to Caesar whom they opposed. The Zealots wanted to be in charge instead of the Romans: they didn't like the Romans but Jesus liked them! Jesus talked to them, told people to accept them and Jesus welcomed EVERYONE so this also meant the Romans and the Zealots definitely did not like that.

In Jesus' time the Zealots were a fanatical underground group of Jewish patriots who were sworn to try and drive the hated Romans from Israel.

Yes, zealots exist today. Every religion or race contains a small number of fanatics. It is these who cause chaos and trouble for all.

They did not operate in the same spheres, so there is limited knowledge of how the early Christians regarded them. However, it is likely that they had unfavorable view of the Zealots since the Zealots were antagonizing the Roman Authorities. The Roman Authorities at that period did not notice the difference between the different Jewish and quasi-Jewish factions, of which early Christians were a part, resulting in increased Christian persecution in the aftermath of the Zealots' revolt.

to acheive Manifest Destiny

they were going against God's will

No its a republic dictated by religious zealots

Being holier than thou

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