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It gave many slaves education, jobs, food, and it also helping them to find a way to get jobs and something to do so they wouldn't have to go into poverty.

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Q: What did the freedmen's bureau do to help freed slaves?
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What did the Freedmens Bureau Bill help newly freed blacks acquire?

The Freedmen's Bureau Bill helped newly freed blacks acquire education, medical care, land, work opportunities, and legal assistance. It aimed to provide aid in their transition from slavery to freedom after the Civil War.

How did the south get help with its thousands of freed slaves?

South got help with its thouands of freed slaves by the Freedman's Bureau.

What was one goal of the freedmens bureau?

To provide food,clothing,and medical to former slaves

Why was the Friedman's bureau created during the reconstruction?

to help freed slaves and that says friedman's bureau

Which group of people did the freedmens bureau help?


Why was the freedmens bureau establish by congress during southern reconstruction?

to help former slaves obtain food, shelter, clothing, and education

What is the name of the agency that the government founded to help the newly freed slaves?

Freedmen's bureau

The Freedmen's Bureau did?

the freedmens bureau help blacks transition from a slame to a free american citizen, by building schools, hospitals and many other things!

What group formed to help newly freed slaves after the civil war?

The group is called the Freedmen's Bureau.

How did the government help free slaves get jobs and education after the civil war?

The Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen, and Abandoned Lands was an American federal government agency that assisted newly freed slaves. The bureau encouraged freed slaves to find employment, assisted with finding lost family, and taught freed slaves to read and write.

What was the Freedom's Bureau?

The Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen, and Abandoned Lands was typically called the Freedmen's Bureau. It was established by Congress to help poor whites and former slaves in the South after the Civil War.

How did freedmens bureau help African Americans economically?

They provided schools to educate workers.