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What did the photograph replace?

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The portraits made of paint, stone, etc.

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What is the verb of photograph?

Photograph is both a noun and a verb:- I am going to photograph you then I will have a photograph of you.

What actors and actresses appeared in Patlang - 2011?

The cast of Patlang - 2011 includes: Jp Abad as (photograph) Jonabelle Acabo as (photograph) Neil Bion as (photograph) Herwin Cabasal as (photograph) Winston Cataroja as (photograph) Monique Chang as (photograph) Herald Chavez Dan De Guzman John Elbert Ferrer as (photograph) Ramon Elloran as (photograph) Jana Galvez as (photograph) Joy Javier as (photograph) Alex Javier as (photograph) Audimur Leyco as (photograph) Neonita Leyco as (photograph) Miko Livelo as (photograph) Gym Lumbera as (photograph) Edber Mamisao as (photograph) Manny Morfe as (photograph) Mark Patiag as (photograph) Emerson Reyes as (photograph) Nikki Rose Leyco as (photograph) Louis Sean Bata as (photograph) Mark Sese as (photograph) Dave Taclibon as (photograph) Terrence Talosig as (photograph) Nina Tecson as (photograph) Maria Veronica Santiago

What is a sentence for photograph?

that is a nice photograph of you.

Can you make a negative from a photograph?

Yes, by taking a photograph of the photograph (I'm not kidding).

A sentence with the word 'photograph' in it?

"The photograph had captured the ethereal nature of her beauty perfectly." "To photograph him clandestinely, that was the hard part."

How do you say photograph in Norwegian?

"Photograph" = "fotografi".

What is the future tense for the word photograph?

Will photograph.

What is the suffix of photograph?

graph is the suffix of photograph

What is the word stress on word photograph?


When was The Photograph created?

The Photograph was created in 2007.

Is the word photograph a concrete noun?

Yes, the noun photograph is a concrete noun. A photograph is a thing that can be seen and touched. . The word photograph is also a verb.

What is the longer syllable in photograph?

The first one PHOtograph

Why is an enlarged photograph not as clear as the smaller photograph?


Why is a photograph a primary soure?

the person that took or is in the photograph was there

When was I Am a Photograph created?

I Am a Photograph was created in 1977-04.

What is a aerial photograph?

when u take a photograph of a portion of the earth

When was the first photograph made?

The first photograph was made in 1839

What songs contain the word photograph?

Photograph by Def Leppard

Areail photograph VS satellite image?

Areail photograph

What is the meaning of photograph?

The etymology of "photograph" is "a picture made by light".

What is the plural for photograph?

The plural form for the noun photograph is photographs.

When was Photograph Smile created?

Photograph Smile was created in 1999.

Is the word photograph an abstract noun?

No, it is not. A photograph is a tangible thing.

What rhymes with photograph?

Walking staff, monograph, paragraph,photograph, having a laugh, line graph, a load of gaff, photograph.

Self attested photograph?

A photograph of self signed over it by self