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What did the third estate declared themselves to be in 1789?

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The lowest class

The Commoners

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When was the Third estate declared itself a national assembly?

June 17, 1789

Did the storming of the Bastille occur after the third estate declared themselves to be the national assembly?

Yes, the National Assembly (Assemblée nationale) was created on 17 June 1789 and the storming of the Bastille occured on 14 July 1789.

Who were those in the third estate in France in 1787-1789?

those in the third estate represented the commoners and those that did not belong in the first and second class

When the estates general met in 1789 which estate represented the most people?

The Third Estate.

What percentage of France's population was the third estate?

Roughly 97% of France's population made up the Third Estate in 1789.

Who wrote the book called What Is the Third Estate?

Written by Emmanuel Joseph Sieyes as a political pamphlet in 1789. The Third Estate were the common people of France and were a nation within themselves. As such, they had no need of the First and Second Estates, the Clergy and the Aristocracy

Why did the members of the third estate walk out?

The members of the Third Estate were arguing about the process for the Estates-General. The king's ministers had intended that the three estates meet and vote separately, with each estate having one vote. Instead, the Third Estate insisted that the three estates meet as one body, and that voting be by head so that each person have one vote (the Third Estate had as many members as the other two estates combined). When the deadlock over procedure could not be resolved, the members of the Third Estate declared themselves to be the only legitimate representative body, and renamed themselves the "National Assembly". They then vowed never to disband until they had written a constitution for France. They did this on 20 June 1789. The Third Estate invited the members of the other two estates to join them as part of the National Assembly, which they eventually did.

What was a primary cause of the french revolution in 1789?

increasing dissatisfaction of the third estate

When was the national assembly led by third estate formed?

17 June 1789

What are some famous quotes about the situation in France prior to 1789 and the resons for the french revolution?

What Is The Third Estate? Everything What Has It Been Until Now In The Political Order? Nothing What Does It Want To Be? Something -from "What is the Third Estate?" by Abbe Sieyes, 1789

What were the Three Estates of France during the 1789 revolution?

The First Estate was the Catholic Clergy and the Second Estate was the Nobles. Everyone else was in the Third Estate.

What happened on June 17 1789?

the third estate proclaim itself, the national assembly

What happened after the Third Estate was locked out of the Estate general?

The Tennis court oath was formed . - a pledge signed by 576 of the 577 members from the Third Estate who were locked out of a meeting of theEstates-General on 20 June 1789 .

This was formed in France in 1789 by representatives of the Third Estate after seceding from the Estates General?

National Assembly

The name of the work of Abbe Sieyes was?

He was the author of the 1789 pamphlet "What is the Third Estate". He was a Catholic priest and political writer who became a delegate to the Estates General representing Paris and the Third Estate.

What issues arose when Louis the 16th called the Estate General in 1789?

He increased the number of Third Estate delegates but left unchanged the voting rules.

The political organization formed by the Third Estate in 1789 was?

The National Assembly created on 17 June 1789 followed by the National Constituent Assembly created on 9 July 1789 which lasted until 1792.

The third estate of french society in 1789 made up what percentage of the people?

97%. The rest was nobility and clergy.

How was French society organized prior to the French Revolution in 1789?

There were three classes which were called Estates. The First Estate was the Catholic Clergy, the Second Estate was the Nobles and the Third Estate was everyone else.

How was the french society organised before the revolution of 1789 Draw special attention towards the role of the third estate?

1st estate: clergy 2nd estate: nobles 3rd estate:middle class

What french meeting was on the same day the french revolution began?

It was the Etats Generaux, or Estates-General, which were a popular assembly composed of three estates, the nobility, the clergy and the 'third estate', which declared itself 'Assemblee Nationale' in June 1789. Really, the French revolution began with the Estates-General and the Serment du Jeu de Paume (or Tennis Court Oath) on June 20 1789 during which the representatives of the third estate took the pledge to write a constitution.

Why 20 June 1789 is important for the French Revolution?

That was the date that the Tennis Court Oath was taken by the representatives of the Third Estate.

What dramatic event took place on July 14 1789 witch saved the third estate from the king's forces?

The fall of the Bastille

Who made the first estate in France and what role did they play in the county?

(Prior to 1789) the First Estate was the aristocracy. The Second Estate was the clergy. The Third Estate was everyone else. The French Parliament was called the Estates General. In more recent times, the media are sometimes referred to as the Fourth Estate.

When members of the third estate took the tennis court oath 1789 at the start of the french revloution they were attempting to?

draft a new national constitution