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They were the resistance element within South Vietnam and were largely controlled by the Communist North Vietnamese.

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Was nationalism a stronger motivating force for the vietcong and why?

The Vietcong became a legitimate political party

the Us was better than the vietcong in military it was guerilla warfare that was over the Us

The Vietcong was an army created and trained by the North Vietnamese government. The main objective of the Vietcong army was to fight off the American Soldiers in attempt to overrule South Vietnam in communist power.

The vietcong became a legitimate political party because of the Paris Peace Accords.

Communist sympathizers.

The Vietcong used tunnels to transport supplies to the front lines. The supplies included Colgate toothpaste.

The Vietcong attacked under jungle cover and mainly at night.

There was a huge military base owned by the Vietcong in My Lai. The U.S. general had orders to kill every Vietcong soldiers.

Vietminh refers to the North Vietnamese and the Vietcong were mostly South Vietnamese whose loyalty was with North Vietnam.

Vietcong 2 - 2005 VG was released on: USA: 24 October 2005

CBS Reports - 1959 The Vietcong was released on: USA: 20 February 1968

vietcong had alot of support from the south of vietnam, well the peasants anyway. It was only the south vietnamese government that didnt want communism. The people of s.vietnam very much wanted communism which was what vietcong were fighting for

Dedication and devotion.

the vietnamese people and the vietcong.

The VC were communist sympathizers.

Locals living in that region.

After the US withdrew from Vietnam the Vietcong came into power. South Vietnam fell under communist rule by the Vietcong.

There is no way the Vietcong would win against China. China has the biggest army in the world. Give China the win.

North Vietnamese are inhabitants of North Vietnam, while Vietcong are Vietnamese warriors during the Viet war.

Vietnam was a French colony. The Vietcong first threw out the French. Then America tried to conquer Vietnam and the Vietcong threw out the Americans.

The USSR gave aid to North Vietnam. China sent aid to the Vietcong via North Vietnam.

typically a vietcong soldier had undying loyalty to his cause and he would never surender and he would sooner die then let the U.S prevail. The reason behind this is because unlike the NVA who forced most of their army into service the vietcong was a seperate militia that was not apart of the NVA conventional millitary. The vietcong wasn't much differnt then the insurgents in the middle east today. They were mostly radicals who voulentered to be in the Vietcong. And any soldeirs who joined and were not Loyal enough for the officers liking were executed. But this was usally never the case. One reason this was, because the Vietcong was vastly made up of children that were as young as twelve, and had been basically brainwashed into having undying loyalty the the Vietcong cause.

The Vietnamese Communists, or Vietcong, were the military branch of the National Liberation Front (NLF), and were commanded by the Central Office for South Vietnam, which was located near the Cambodian border. For arms, ammunition and special equipment, the Vietcong depended on the Ho Chi Minh trail.