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mostly the difference between the average man's salary and the average woman's salary

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Q: What did the womens rights movement argue about?
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What did Mary Wollstonecraft argue?

womens rights

What is the movement for gaining womens rights?


Is a result of the womens rights movement?


What was ernestine Louise rose part in the womens right movement?

she was a mojor intellectual part in the womens rights movement

Abolitionism served as a catalyst for what movement?

Womens rights

What did philosopher Mary Wollstonecraft argue for?

She fought for womens rights. Basically prostitution.

What did the womens rights movement and the abolitionists movement have in common?

they both had a group that tried to deny law by rights

What were the goals of the womens rights movement?

I think to have the same rights as men, to vote.

Sojourner Truth is important?

She was part of the womens rights movement.

Wendell Phillips contribution to womens rights movement?


Who lead the womens rights movement?

Elizabeth Cady Stanton

What did Womens rights and the abolitionists movement have in common?

i do not know because I am asking you!!!!

Who made the womens rights movement happen?

Susan B. Anthony.

An early leader in the womens rights movement was?

susan b anthony

What were the 2 most important world events in the 1960s?

womens rights and civil rights movement

What did the civil rights movement involve?

It involved rights like womens rights to vote and white men rights to keep a gun.

What two women led the way for the Women's Rights Movement during the 1800s?

womens rights.............................HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

Who played a leadership role in womens rights movement?

Susan B. A thony

Who was the leader of the womens rights movement?

Susan B. Anthony A + Answer Is All Of The Answers Are Correct

What role did feminism play in the 1960s womens movement?

They keep woman’s rights in order

How did the antislavery movement help spur the womens right movement?

many women joined the abolitionist movement. as these women worked to end slavery they noticed how few rights they had to. so both black and white abolitionist men and women joined the struggle for womens rights

Did Grover Cleveland support the womens suffrage movement?

nope he wasn't a supporter for women's rights (a.k.a. the suffrage movement)

both the abolition movement and the womens rights movement were positively influenced by ideals promoted by which of the following groups?

enlightenment thinkers

What was the major focus of the early womens rights movement during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries?

voting rights

Who were 3 leaders in womens rights movement?

Susan B. AnthonyElizabeth Cady StantonLucretia Mott