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The women kept everyday life going - ran the businesses, worked in the factories, made what the armed forces needed to win the war ~ boats, planes, arms, etc.

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Q: What did women do to join World War 2?
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What urged women to join world war 2?


Where there any famous women who were in World War 2?

On of the famous women of world war two was the lady on the poster named rosie. She was the one who encouraged men and women to join the force.

What saying was used during World War 2 to encourage women to join the workforce?

It's our war too.

What branch of the service could women join in world war 2?

Women could join all branches of the armed forces during WW-II.

How many women didn't join the workforce during World War 2?

69% or 9 million eligible women workers

How did the British army join world war 2?

The British army join world war 2 by their expirence.

What changed for women during World War 2?

they can vote now and they can join the army and much more

When did you join World War 2?

You didn't join. Or you faught in the war, but U didn't.......

When did the women join the military during World War 2?

Congress authorized the Women's Auxiliary Corps in May of 1942.

Why did US not join World War 2?

The u.s did join WW2

Did Spain join World War 2?


Why were women in World War 2?

Women that were in World War 2 did not fight in the war. The women did many of the other types of jobs such as being nurses and driving vehicles.

What was the minimum age for women to join the WAC in World War 2?

21 was minimum age to enlist. 45 was upper limit

What impact did World War 2 have on British women as mothers?

What impact did World War 2 have on British women as mothers

Women and World War 2?

With all of the men fighting the war, women basically took over the workforce during World War 2.

What were the roles of Russian women during World War 2?

During World War 2, women were involved in war work and as members of the military.

Why did the Japanese join world war 2?

For conquests.

Which country did not join World War 2?


When did ameracia join World War 2?


When do the us join world war 2?

in 1956

When did john hunt join World War 2?

He joined world war 2 after sittin on tha toilet

Why did women join the military in World War 2?

They were in the services because they felt the need to help fight the war. Many worked in Mash units and hospitals. Some women were also taken POW's and were held in the war by the Japanese.

Where there any women in the military in World War I and 2?

Yes, there were women in world war 1 and 2. The women had to work on farms and grow food for the men

What were women encouraged to do during World War 2-?

In many nations women were encouraged to join female branches of the women's self-esteem as it allowed them to carry out their full potential and do their part. Women replaced men in many of the roundhouse jobs during World War II.

Who made uniforms in World War 2?

the women made the uniforms in world war 2.