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it dose not move

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Do planets move around the Sun in the opposite direction to that in which the Sun turns?


Do planets move around the sun in the opposite direction then the sun turns?


What direction does the sun move in Scotland?

east to west

Does the sun move in the same direction as the image it projects?

no the sun does not move at all.since the earth is tilted and it rotates around the sun it makes people think the sun is moving.

What direction do comets generally move?

with the tail facing the sun

What direction do the planets move using the sun as a reference point?


What direction does the sun appear to move?

the sun appears to travel east to west also known as ew

What direction does the sun appear to move across the sky on a daily basis?

The sun appears to move generally from east to west daily due to the rotation of the earth as it revolves around the sun.

What motion do the stars in the milky way galaxy move?

The stars in the Milky Way move in the opposite direction of the sun.

Does the sun always move across the sky in the same direction?

Essentially yes, the sun always rises in the east and sets in the west.

How fast do ladybugs move?

The ladybug does not move very fast but its exact speed varies. This insect cannot fly in the direction of the sun.

In which direction does the sun move?

In the northern hemisphere ,east to west .In the southern hemisphere ,west to east.

What are the characteristis of a sunflower?

1) they move in the direction with the sun . 2) they are plant. 3) they feed by photothensis

What direction does the Sun appear to move across the sky each day?

east 2 west

Explain how the sun appears to move across the sky during one of earths rotatons discuss the direction and the speed of the sun in your answer?

i like turtles

How do astronomers research the sun rotates?

sunspots on the Sun's surface seem to move in the same direction, so the sun must b rotating

In what direction does the sun moon and stars move across the sky?

Celestial bodies appear to move from east to west across the Earth's sky.

In what direction does the moon move?

The Moon's orbit around the Earth is in the same direction as the movement of the planets around the Sun. If you look from the north, that would be counterclockwise.

What causes hurricanes to move in a certain direction?

The Coriolis effect, which is due to the rotation of the Earth, and the heating of the Sun.

What direction do the planets move using the sun as a refrence point?

The planets orbit the sun in an anti-clockwise fashion if we were to view the solar system from over the north pole of the sun.

What is the word that means to grow as the sun rises?

"Heliotropic" means to move or grow in the direction of the sun (such as the plant called Heliotrope), which may or may not be what you were looking for.

Which way does the sun move at sun set?

The sun does not move, we move around the sun.

What direction do waves move in?

waves move in all direction

Which side does the sun rise in Australia?

The sun rises in the same direction in Australia as it does everywhere else in the world - in the east. But if you will watch sun's moving, It is from the right to the left. So the shadow move to other direction, that we see in Europe.

What diriction do planets orbit around the sun?

That depends from what direction you look.As seen from the north - the way it is usually depicted - all planets move clockwise around the Sun.Of course, if you observe from the south, the planets would move counterclockwise around the Sun.