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What discovery turned the Nomads into farmers?

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Experimentation, most likely by women, with plants that it was their task to gather eventually led to more of adevelopmentthan a discovery of domesticated plants.

The discovery of Maize.

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The maize turned nomads into farmers.

The Zuni Indians lived in Pueblo's, they were not nomads.

The nomads wanted the pickings from the farmers, and the farmers didn't want to allow themselves to be pillaged.

farmers and nomads buy/sell goods at outdoor markets called sepets.

to help their surplus and the phaoh

The farmers depended on the pastoral nomads for the animal products like meat, milk and the skin products.

No because, if they were nomads then that means they never traveled around the world , but they are farmers and were forced to move to southeastern United States

Permanent becuase they were farmers not nomads ..

The nomads are hunters and gathers so they hunt animals and gather berries for food. The nomads alsodon't have one stable home they move around and they are in smaller groups. Farmers farm for food some groups do hunt too. The farmers have houses that are unmovable and strong walls. They usually have more people in their clan or group.

They arrived as nomads, and settled on the land to secure a stable living as farmers. This changed over time as some turned to shepherding, fishing, trade, artisans and artists, but the core occupation of a city-state was farming, from which they got their daily bread.

farmers,nomads,hunters,townspeople, and traders:)

what i think is amazing about the discovery of the terracotta army is that it was found under a farmers garden while the farmers were digging a well.

Either new discovery turned over after the original discovery has been delivered, or changes in the original discovery handed over after the original discovery has been handed over.

He associated with other farmers and traders who banded together to protect their land from marauding nomads.

Hunters go seek live game. Gathers go gathering fruits, seeds, grains, grasses. Farmers raise animals and crops. Nomads aren't really comparable, because they roam from place to place as both hunters and gatherers as needed.

Early Nomads displayed aggression towards farmers while entering their land and likely instigated threat displays. We are more evolved now and do not have to worry about such things.

early humans were nomads but modern humans are related to farmers and herders

The acropolis was a hill fort to which the farmers could retreat when invaded by predatory nomads.

they planted crops in the rich soil as the nomads moved from place to place

Millions of people abandoned their lives as villagers, farmers, and nomads and moved into cities.

The kinetic energy of the wind is turned by the fast moving particles. This is used by many farmers.

A synonym for nomads is wanderer. An antonym for nomads is homebodies.

I think that they were NOT nomads.

The Community of people who live in the Gobi Desert are called the Mongol. They consist mostly of chinese farmers, herders and nomads.

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