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Black cats and diseases:
  • There are no special diseases connected with black cats than any other breed of cat. I owned a black cat for 20 years (they are suppose to bring you bad luck as well according to western superstition, but she brought me nothing but love and luck.) As long as cats get their yearly check-ups and their shots there is no reason most cats can't be healthy.
  • I have a black cat of my own, and nothing odd or special disease can happen to her that would not get another cat that's a different color any sicker than she would. I don't think color matters.
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Q: What diseases are common for black cats?
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Are black and white cats rare?

Not at all. Black and white cats are very common.

What are common diseases in old cats?

Common diseases in old cats can include: thyoid problems, kidney failure. These can often be fatal and the best way to find out about them is through a blood test at your local vet

What were the most common medieval diseases?

The black death

How old do black cats get?

Black cats grow the same age as any cat. I have two black cats myself. They are no different to normal cats, they can still catch diseases like other cats and will not live (on average) longer or shorter than any other cat. Some people believe black cats live longer but it hasn't been scientifically proven.

What is a sentence for diseases?

He is a specialist in the diseases of cats.

France believe cat are good or bad luck?

They share a common superstition concerning black cats, but not to such an extent as not to adopt black cats...

Can cats spread disease to dogs?

Not all diseases can be shared between dogs and cats, but there are some such as rabies (through drawing blood) and ringworm that they can get. These are the most common. There are also some fungus diseases, that can easily be cured, and fluenza.

Why are cats the most common animal ghosts?

Probably because so much superstition and folklore involve cats. Think of black cats during Halloween and the bad-luck black cat as examples.

What diseases can cats have?

they can have a fever.

What kind of diseases can cats have?

one diseases a cat can have is rabies!

What are some common colors of cats?

Most cats are gray, white or orange-red, some may be black or white.

Can cats get gonorrhea?

Cats can get gonorrhea, as well as other sexually transmitted diseases. However, they cannot pass their sexually transmitted diseases to humans or other cats.

Do some cats have black claws?

Yes, but usually they are white. Black cats or cats with black paws have black nails.

Do cats cause diseases for girls?


What are some common things about cheetah and a leopard?

-Cats -yellow with black spots -fast

Can cats carry dangerous diseases?

Cats do have dangerous diseases. They have a leukemia called Feline Leukemia. Rarely or never it affects humans.

What is a black and white cats?

Cats that are black and white are referred to as "Tuxedo" cats .

Do black people have diseases?

Everyone can get diseases not just black people.

Why do indoor cats live longer than outdoor cats?

Indoor cats usually live longer than outdoor cats because outside cats are able to get more diseases, rabies, or hurt/killed by another animal. Indoor cats are less likely to get diseases or get rabies, which is why it is incredibly important to vaccinate your cat when required, especially when it is allowed to be outside. Outdoor cats are also at risk of being hit by cars. A cat cannot outrun a car, and such incidents are very common.

What percentage of cats are black?

There is no official data as to the percentage of black cats in the world. There are millions of black cats in every country.

Diseases of sheep goat cow?

Common diseases in Beef cattle: Leptospirosis, black leg, bloat, foot rot, pneumonia, scours, mastitis, milk fever, twisted stomach, white muscle disease. Common diseases in sheep and goats: Black leg, scours, bloat, foot rot, mastitis, rectal and vaginal prolapse.

What are the orange cats with black stripes called?

It depends on the anatomy of the cat, and the shape of the stripes. Most common striped red cats are called red tabbies. There can also be savanah cats.

Are hairless cats cleaner than cats with fur?

Yes! Cats with fur can have ticks and various other diseases that settle inside fur. Hairless cats however, cant get those diseases because they obviously dont have fur.

Are black cats rare?

Not at all.. Black cats are abundant. White cats are more rare.

Are calico cats common?

They are somewhat common, but not as common as solid-colored cats.