What do Amish people where?

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Q: What do Amish people where?
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What do Amish people call non Amish people?

Amish people commonly call non-amish people Englischers.

What are Amish people called other then Amish people?

Some Amish people are called "Mennonites".

What are Amish people?

Amish people are people who only have Amish friends , really religious, they stay in an Amish community, and have no electric or electronics.

Why are Amish people called Amish?

Amish are called Amish because the founder of it was Jacob Ammann

What are black Amish people called?

The same as white Amish people.

Are there lots of Amish people in Shipshewana?

Yes, there are there of many Amish people.

Are there Amish people in NJ?

No. There are no Amish communities in NJ.

What do Amish people call non Amish?

The English

Do you have to be white to be Amish and why?

Not all Amish people have to be white. This is because some other people can be adopted or converted into the Amish way of life.

Do Amish people use technology for entertainment?

Amish people think technology is a sin

Are Amish people mean?

Amish people can be mean just like any other person can. However, some Amish people can be very judge mental of people not in their community.

Can you a married couple in turn to as Amish people truly want this our name is Michael?

As a married couple if you meet and Amish person and want to become Amish you can. There is nothing in the Amish lifestyles that prevents people to converting to the Amish lifestyle.

Who is the amish god?

Amish people believe in Jesus Christ so the Amish god is Jesus, too.

Why do some people not like the Amish?

Because they do not understand why the Amish do what they do or they a bigoted.

Can Amish people be artists?

A Amish can be a artist but it perfers to work or sew.

What are the occupations of the amish?

Farming and blacksmithing are two occupations of the Amish people.

Are Amish people against Homosexuality?

Yes, Amish people view homosexuality as a sin; however this is not a widely talked about issue within the Amish communities.

Why people are Amish?

Because they are.

Do Amish people cuss?


Do Amish people believe in Jesus?

Yes, Amish people believe in Jesus. They take the Bible literally.

Where did the Amish come from?

The Amish people originally migrated from Switzerland, France and Germany.

How does Amish people use electricity?

Thou who is Amish doesn't useth electricity.

How many Amish live in the US?

About 300,000 to 400,000 Amish live in the US. There are more Amish people in other countries

Where do Amish people live?

Amish people usually live in.. Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Ohio, all states in the USA!

Do Amish people eat pork?

Yes Amish people eat pork they also butcher their own hogs