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Cats, being carnivores, will eat most types of meat whether it be cooked or raw chicken, turkey, rabbit, lamb. Cats that have access to outside will often hunt and eat mice, birds or other wildlife. Tuna and white fish are also usually accepted quite readily and many owners serve this as a treat.

While cats predominantly need meat, there are some cats that will happily nibble on certain vegetables. However, little nutrition is gained from this so it is best to stick to meaty foods.

Make sure you do not give your cat too much cheese. it can make them sick or have diarrhea.

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What do calico cats eat besides cat food?


What foods do cats eat besides cat food?

Cats eat lot's of food including dry cat food, wet cat food, mice, catnip and lot's more. They often eat their pray and meat such as chicken.

What do cats like to eat?

what do cats like to eat? well, obviously, they like to eat cat food. why do you think they even make cat food if its not what cats eat? besides, it is called cat food. what are you, two years old? who doesn't know that? its kind of obvious.

What do cats eat besides dry food?

Wet cat food is a popular choice. Cats can also eat raw and cooked meat. A cat that has access to outside may also hunt and eat small animals such as mice and birds.

Do cats eat cat food?

Yes, cats eat cat food and for the most part seem to enjoy it. My cat will tear into a new bag of fresh cat food when I bring it home.

What do tame cats eat?

Tame cats usually eat cat food.

Do cats eat bunnys?

No. Cats eat cat food or birds and mice.

What cant cats eat?

Cat Food

What do calico cats eat?

cat food

What is cat food?

Cat food is food that a cat will eat and is either hard, or soft. Lots of cats love it.

Do cat eat dog food?

Yes cats can eat dog food if they want to but it is better for them to eat cat food and the might get sick if they eat the dog food.

Can your crab eat cat food?

No, they should not. Crab should eat specialized food for crabs, and cats should eat specialized food for cats.

What dosn cats eat?

Homemade, human grade food for cats delivered to your door

What eat cats?

Cats eat stuff like dry cat food. You can find that almost anywhere. They also eat caned cat food (that's wet and slimy, most cats perfer both).

What does an outdoor cat eat?

Cats eat meat or cat food like any other cat. The cat food could be dry or wet. I have alot of outdoor cats and we live out at the ranch. ours eat snakes and rats and we DO feed them regular cat food there the same as a house cat.

What do tortoiseshell cats eat?

Cat food!!!! Tortoiseshell cats eat just the same as all other cats.

What kind of foods does most cats eat?

Cats eat cat food from the pet store.

Are cats carniverouse?

no they also eat cat food

Do cats really eat cat food?


What do king cats eat? food

Is it ok for a dog to eat cat food?

no...... because the cat food has different nutrients for cats

What does Siamese eat?

They eat cat food like regular cats do.

What do kittens eat besides cat food?

Mice and Birds

What do demestic cats eat?

cat food preferably Purina cat chow

How do i get cat that has micrognathia to eat dry food?

You can get cat that has micrognathia to eat dry food from places where Cats gets less nutrition.