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What do Chinese dragons represent?

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Dragons are an integral part to the Chinese culture. Chinese people believe it is a power that can bless their lives.

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What do the Chinese people use the Chinese dragon for?

Unlike western dragons,the Chinese dragons represent peace and fortune.And it is believed by Chinese people that they are the heir of Chinese Dragons. So they use Chinese Dragons,or Long in Chinese,for the hope of good luck in the year.

What things represent china?

PandasThe Great WallTeadragonschinese foodchinese symbols

Why do Chinese believe in Dragons?

In China, dragons represent power, dignity, and honor. The Chinese believed that dragons were holy and that their kings were descended from dragons. It is so deeply imbedded in their culture that a long time ago, to not to believe in dragons meant getting executed.

What do ancient Chinese Dragons Symbolise?

They usually represent wealth, happiness, and good luck.

Why are there Chinese dragons on Chinese New Year?

There's Chinese dragons on Chinese New Year because dragons are a sign of luck to Chinese.

Are all dragons Chinese?

no not all dragons are Chinese

Were Chinese dragons more powerful than European dragons?

No, European Dragons are stronger and larger than Chinese dragons but they are not the best.

Are dragons important to Chinese culture?

Dragons are very important to Chinese culture. Chinese dragons are very wise. They are not the evil princess eating dragons that the west have. Dragons stand for the power of the Emperor in the old China.

What do you know about dragons?

Dragons are mythical animals. Stories of dragons possibly were inspired by ancient discoveries of dinosaur fossils; however, the people didn't know how to interpret the fossils and thus thought that the animal was a dragon. European and Chinese dragons are fairly different. European dragons have larger, wings than Chinese dragons. Also, generally, European dragons have a more 'dinosaur-like head,' whereas Chinese dragons appear to have a sort of 'mustache.' Both kinds usually have four legs, and can fly. European dragons usually are said to be able to blow fire. Chinese dragons are very long and narrow (almost like a snake), whereas European dragons have a body plan more similar to that of the extinct dinosaurs. In European legends, dragons usually represent evil, whereas Chinese dragons have always been revered as divine and wise creatures.

How are Japanese dragons similar to Chinese dragons?

they are both dragons!

What do Chinese think about dragons?

Chinese think that dragons are fantasy. They think dragons would look like many animals morphed together.

What is the main difference between Western dragons and Chinese dragons?

Chinese dragons have five claws, whiskers, and feathery tails. Western dragons often have no legs, or a clawed tail.

What did dragons have to do with Ancient Chinese?

The Chinese felt that dragons were powerful and used them as symbols of the Chinese emperor and family.

Can frilled dragons and Chinese water dragons live together?

Frilled dragons can not live together with Chinese water dragons because both lizards require very different environments. Frilled dragons live in dry scrub, while Chinese water dragons need to live in riverside rainforests.

How long do Chinese dragons live?

Chinese Water Dragons can live up to approximately 15 years

How big do Chinese water dragons grow?

Chinese water dragons can grow up to 3 feet

Why are Chinese dragons colorful?

Because they are seen as 'good dragons,' and the Chinese believed that 'good dragons' should be brightly coloured to make them more friendly.

What do the Chinese think about dragons?

Dragons are ancient symbols in Chinese society. They are considered to be sacred animals. They are old and wise animals. The Chinese dragon has never been the source of fear that Western dragons have. Dragons are popular symbols on kites, and "dragons" take part in most parades.

What other reptiles can live with water dragons?

bearded dragons, Chinese water dragons, water dragons and skinks.

Do Chinese dragons have wings?


What symbolizes dragons in the Chinese culture?

The Chinese believe dragons are really important and symbolize a life of peace and happiness

Why does Chinese New Year include dragons?

Dragons are part of Chinese mythology and they also bring good luck.

Do all Chinese believe in dragons?

No, not all Chinese believe in dragons. It is, after all, myth. Well, do YOU believe in faries?

How are the Chinese dragons used in china today?

In modern times, the Chinese dragons are mainly used for decorative purposes.

Why are Dragons important to china?

For some reason, the Chinese invented dragons. They represent honor and courage and stuff like that. And when they have that dragon parade throught the city during new years, the dragon represents a new beginning.

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