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First call the person and get his or her insurance information, then call the insurer and file a property damage claim. If the person is uninsured you can file the claim with your own insurer.

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Q: What do I do first if i find that a car has hit my parked car and left note?
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If you hit a parked car and are unable to find the owner?

Leave a note on the windshield with your contact info

I hit a parked car in a car park?

Leave a note with your name and number if you can't find the owner.

Are you responsible if someone parked in front of you left a note on your car stating that you hit their back bumper?

Only if it can be proven that your vehicle hit their vehicle.

What must you do when you have been involved in a minor traffic collision with a parked vehicle and you can't find the owner?

leave note on vehicle

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What would you do if you backed into an unattended parked car?

B - leave a note

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If you hit a parked vehicle you should?

Try to find the owner. Leave a note with your contact info on windsheild worst a claims associate.

Are you responsible if you hit a car that is double-parked?

It all depends. Both you and the car that is double parked are responsible. when you do hit a car that is double parked, and the person is not at his/her car, make sure you leave a note saying that you hit his/her car. why leave a note? ITS AGAINST THE LAW TO LEAVE A CRIME SCENE!!!!!!!!!!!

You hit a parked car you should?

Leave a polite note on a scrap paper appologizing.

Who is responsible if your car was hit while parked in a handicapped parking spot at a military base but no note was left?

It is a 'hit and run'. Go to the base PMO (MP's) and file a claim with them. This will help when you file your insurance.

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