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Everything! You must be a well-rounded person to get into an Ivy League school. From academics to clubs, you must do it all. Try your best and I'm sure you'll be fine.


Don't ever forget grades! If you don't get good grades, you are lucky if you get into any college!


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Not necessarily. A friend of mine is like you say a well-rounded person, an exemplary student. He has always been active in many students organizations to cause political, environmental, economic, or social changes in campus or beyond its limits. In addition to that he is a champman and plays Basketball team and what? He has not been accepted to Ivy League institution because of inconsistent admission essay while other students who were far from being perfect got accepted because they have had their admission essays completed by professionals, I guess.

So this really doesn't matter, there should be sheer luck. Now I look how to choose a writing service for my son's admission essay, I do not want him to loose opportunity to study at Ivy League College. So maybe you should consider looking for professional help with your admission essay.

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Colleges are all about GPA, but like to see that you have taken challenging classes. AP credits are probably their favorite thing when it comes to classes, but don't forget, Colleges like to see you involved in extracurricular activities as well.

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I remember reading somewhere that the Ivy League schools are the only college institutions that were established before the American Revolution.

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Ivy League schools are those who are members of the Ivy League athletic conference.

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Q: What do Ivy League Colleges look at when you are in High School?
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Do colleges look at 5th grade grades?

no, colleges only look at your high school transcripts.

Do colleges look at your conduct from high school when you apply?


How can you get scouts to look at you in a high school sport?

Usually your high school coach can submit something to different colleges about your accomplishments that will get their attention.

Do colleges look at how many years you took to graduate from High School?

yes they check all academic year in high school

How old should you be to look for colleges?

High school sophomore and up would be a good time to start looking at colleges.

Do colleges look at high school suspension?

Yes, they basically look at everything. So you better have good grades !

Do colleges look at what you looked like in high school?

I'm not sure why any college would give a rat's behind what you look like, either in high school or before or for that matter after.ANS2:The ones that look at your high school pictures are not the ones that you want to join. That sort of information is not what a school can use.

Do colleges look at your middle school grades?

Very competitive colleges will look back as far to your junior high school record. If your school district counted the 6th grade as a part of junior high (as opposed to the last grade of elementary school), then it is possible that your 6th grade grades may be taken into consideration. However, most colleges do not have the time to dig that far back for each applicant, and will only use such grades in rare cases of consideration.

Does a 2-day suspension in elementary wreck your chances of getting a scholarship or going to an Ivy League university?

Even though suspensions and etc are kept on your academic record which is reviewed by colleges I doubt that would have any affect on you seeing as this happen in Elementary School. What you do in High School is mainly the only thing many colleges look at/care about.

Where are acting qualifications obtained?

You can commonly get them at normal high schools, colleges and universitys. If not, look for a local drama school you can attend.

I go to a private high school and I was wondering if going to a college prep high school helps your chances when applying to colleges?

It most likely would help your chances when you are applying to colleges. It does look good when you get good grades even at a school with high standards. Even if it does not help your chances much, it will definitely make you more prepared for college.

What year of high school do colleges pay attention to?

I've been told they mostly look at your sophomore. Its the year after you've been in high school, and when your a Junior and Senior you tend to get restless knowing your so close to graduating.