What do Ivy League Colleges look at when you are in High School?

Everything! You must be a well-rounded person to get into an ivy league school. From academics to clubs, you must do it all. Try your best and I'm sure you'll be fine.


Don't ever forget grades! If you don't get good grades, you are lucky if you get into any college!


Another viewpoint

Not necessarily. A friend of mine is like you say a well-rounded person, an exemplary student. He has always been active in many students organizations to cause political, environmental, economic, or social changes in campus or beyond its limits. In addition to that he is a champman and plays basketball team and what? He has not been accepted to Ivy League institution because of inconsistent admission essay while other students who were far from being perfect got accepted because they have had their admission essays completed by professionals, I guess.

So this really doesn't matter, there should be sheer luck. Now I look how to choose a writing service for my son's admission essay, I do not want him to loose opportunity to study at Ivy League College. So maybe you should consider looking for professional help with your admission essay.