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What do Muslims do at medina?


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August 26, 2013 2:20PM

They pray and recite Quran in the prophet Mosque (AlMasjid Alnabawy). They also pay attribute, respect, and pray for Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) who is buried there and also his first two successors AbouBakr and Omar. They also visit the important religious sites there.

The Muslims may visit Madina Munawara any time of the year, however, most of them coming for Hajj visit Madina Munawra before or after Hajj. They offer Darood-o-Salam at the holy Tomb of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (May peace be upon him). They also visit Masjid-i-Quba, the first mosque built by the holy Prophet (SAW) when he came to Madina Munawara. They also visit the Field of Uhd and offer salam to Hazrat Hamza, the beloved Uncle of the holy Prophet (SAW). He was Martyred in the battle of Uhd and is buried in the same field. They may visit other places associated with the holy Prophet (SAW).