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People in South Africa eat pretty much the same food types that other people in the world eat.

There are local/ traditional dishes which have evolved and acquired a "local" flavour: Malay and Indian curries, "pap and wors" (sausage with a stiff porriage), "braaivleis" (similar to BBQ), "biltong" (dried meat like jurkee), various types of locally blended sausages, samp & beans etc..

As South Africa is a farming country the diet is biased towards this: vegetables, fruit, grain, meat (red and white), fish and milk products

Location within South Africa also determines what produce is more freely available: rural areas have access to more agricultural products, where urban areas there is a mixture of fresh agriculture and processed foods; coastal areas have access to fresh fish.

South Africa exports and imports food from all over the world.

Contrary to popular belief, most people in South Africa simply don't go out and kill a giraffe whenever they are hungry! Most wild life is relegated to large, managed game parks, and poaching is a criminal offence.

The food service industry (in general) is fairly well regulated, as is the supply chain that delivers produce to the markets. For this reason very little unregulated poached or "bush meat" is delivered to central areas for consumption (unlike certain areas of central Africa, where this is still a traditional resource.

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Q: What do South African people eat?
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