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They do look like Yorkshires but they have a higher change of having some form of deformity because there genes are too close. Some of the deformities are not seen by the physical form some come internally and you will not find out until a problem shows up with the pets health. regular vet visits for these puppies are recommended.

They look like yorkies. You cant tell if there going to be tan/black/grey/whatever other colors that are involved. If your worried that they come from the same family and will have retardation or some other issue. That can happen anyway with two dogs not related. Dogs that are related have been having puppies for a long time. You cant tell until they come out.

They usually look much like their parents but, you never know. You will just have to wait for it to come out.

They should look like their parents

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How do you make you parents get you a Yorkie puppy?

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