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What do acting Agents do?

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Acting agents go out and look for people who are talented and help them get into show biz.

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Where can you get an acting agent for free?

Agents get 10%. There are no free agents.

Do acting agents cost money?


How can you get acting agents?

you have to look for one ,there are millions of agents , but it is always good to find one near you .

When agents are acting with in the scope of their action will be assumed to be the acts of the?


What are acting Agents?

acting agents are people who help you get a job for acting whether its a commercial, a show or a movie. basically if u are really serious about acting and want to do it for the rest of your life as a career, it is best to get an agent. they can easily find clever ways to get you into the acting business. but you must be careful picking one .......some might just want your money and in the end you will get no where.

How do you get to be on corrination street?

join acting agents in manchester for small parts ie nemisis and go acting school and wait for audition.

How do you get a Hollywood agent?

Unlike "normal" acting agents for Hollywood agents i think you have to have done a couple of projects before hand. And they are very expensive

Do you have have to go to acting school to become an actress in movies?

No, but it helps. The acting schools are usually places that agents look for new talent and it helps to have a known acting school on your resume.

You want to do modelling work or acting work?

If you want to do modeling work or acting, you can get started by getting involved with agents, because if you work by yourself you will have less chances of getting work, with agents you can progress quicker. Hopefully. Good luck :)

Were to start acting?

Start with local theatre seriously! then do some research on agents, and acting coachs. if you get an agent you won't have much more to worry about.

Would an agent help me get acting auditions?

Some agents can help you get acting auditions. Most reputable agents won't take you on until you've had mild success on your own. Your best bet when starting your acting career is to knock on as many doors as possible and attend as many open casting calls as you can.

What class of medications does clonidine belong to?

centrally acting alpha-agonist hypotensive agents

How much do acting agents cost?

They get payed around 10% percent of your earnings, no more, no less

Who are the best acting agents?

There are a number of top notch agencies. It is impossible to say quantitatively which on is the best.

Where can you find a good acting agent?

There are a number of good agents and agencies. There is a directory that you can find online.

Can someone have two acting agents at once?

No, they can only have one, but they can sack that agent with reasonable cause.

How do you get to work with Jaden Smith?

you have to go through acting agents and see if u can work with him that way

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Antibacterial are agents used to disinfect surfaces thereby eliminating potentially harmful bacteria. Common agents are alcohols, chlorine, peroxides, and aldehydes. Also, triclosan, triclocarban, and benzalkonium chloride are the longer acting agents we now use for surfaces.

Were can you find acting agents in Texas?

Probably in Austin or San Antonio or Houston, there isn't a whole lot of acting work in Texas, its mostly in New York and LA

Was Enron liable for the actions of its agents?

Companies are always liable for the actions of their agents, unless the agent is acting outside his authority in a way that the company would not have been expected to notice.

What do acting agents really do?

When someone is pursuing a career in acting, having an agent is key. Agents can open doors for actors and build careers with their contacts in the entertainment industry and knowledge of the business. Acting agents get their clients auditions and negotiate deals once actors book jobs. Most of the time, big-name studios will submit breakdowns to talent agents, allowing them to submit their clients for potential auditions. Without an agent, many actors never have a chance to submit to the breakdowns and book jobs on big-budget films and famed TV shows. SPYING

When you send a cv to acting agents do they just want to know the acting work you've done or all work in general?

no, i think they just want to hear about all your acting experiences and anything to do with drama or singing or dance.

What has the author K Callan written?

K. Callan has written: 'The Ways of the Wild' 'The Los Angeles Agent Book' -- subject(s): Acting, Directories, Handbooks, manuals, Motion picture acting, Theatrical agents, Vocational guidance 'How to Sell Yourself As an Actor .2 from New York to Los Angeles and Everywhere in Between' 'Directing Your Directing Career' 'The LA Agent Book' -- subject(s): Theatrical agents, Vocational guidance, Acting, Directories, Motion picture acting, Handbooks, manuals 'The New York Agent Book' -- subject(s): Acting, Directories, Handbooks, manuals, Theatrical agents, Vocational guidance

How can i find an acting manager if I'm not involved in the acting world?

If you take acting/drama classes, then you can ask your teacher about the best managers in your area. If you don't take classes, go on the Internet and search "acting agents in (insert your city/state/province here)" Hope I helped!

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