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They need to know about the kids like what kind of games they like food Allergies things like that. You need to know where they live. Just the basics

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Do babysitters have to take CPR classes?

Generally, babysitters need to take a babysitting class which includes CPR. Check the requirements with the local government in the area you reside.

How old should you be before looking for babysitter jobs?

Depending where you live, by law there is an age limit to get a babysitting job. This site here will give you a run down on what you need to know about babysitting http://www.babysitting-rates.com/babysitting-laws.php.

Is Craigslist a good place to find babysitting jobs?

Yes, Craigslist can be a good place to find babysitting jobs. You just need to be careful and make sure that the job is legitimate and your daughter stays safe.

What certifications are required for babysitting jobs?

You do not need any certification to become a babysitter. To get customers, you can put ads up in your local supermarket to advertise your babysitting services.

How do you get a babysitting gig?

Ask everyone you know that has kids if they need need a babysitter to contact you.

What jobs would need to know about chlorine?

The jobs that will need to know about chlorine are jobs that deal with the water flow.

What are some good teen jobs for 13 yr olds that are safe?

Thirteen year olds will need a parent signature for many jobs and cannot be hired lots of places. Consider jobs with people you know, such as babysitting, petsitting, yard work, and so forth.

What companies are offering babysitting jobs for teens?

Because of the way labor laws are, companies generally don't hire teens to do babysitting for them. Your teen will need to apprach potential clients informally.

Are babysitting jobs for 15year olds appropriate?

15 is usually the age when teens begin babysitting but it depends on the maturity level of the teen. They need to have completed a CPR course and may need emergency training before taking on a job.

Do you need to know CPR to babysit in Texas?

No, there is not a law that you must know CPR to babysit in Texas. It is recommended, however, that you take a babysitting class, which will include CPR. More and more parents will require that a babysitter have the babysitting class before babysitting their child.

What is a safe and reputable resource for finding babysitting jobs in Marion OH?

You can tell friends and family you babysit/need a babysitter.

What do you need to do to become a babysitter?

Becoming a babysitter involves a lot of responsibilities. It requires more than simply looking after children and parents expect babysitters to be prepared for a number of situations.Step 1: Get certified - Babysitting courses are offered from as little as $40 from the College of Babysitting. It is important to get your health and safety certification and learn real life experiences from babysitters. You will also need to learn about food and nutrition, CPR, behavior management etc.Step 2: Consider Red Cross or YMCA Training which includes the above.

Do you need to be license to babysitting?

Well first off you don't absolutely need a license, because most parents do not care. On the other hand getting a license does help you receive more jobs probably because the parents see that you are taking the job seriously, and that you really know what you are doing. Not all babysitting jobs require a license, but it is certainly something to look into if you are serious about making money and keep the children safe. Hope this helps, WikiWooWho

What do babysitters need?

CPR training and to be of the age requirement in their state. Taking a babysitting class would help to. If your talking about supplies the parents of the child should provide whats needed, but having a few baby toys with you is always ok.

Where should you hang up signs in your neighborhood to advertise your babysitting and petsitting services?

you dont need to hang them up, u can just put flyers in mailboxes. that way u KNOW they'll see it. also, something that comes in handy when your looking for jobs babysitting is being 'certified'. go to your closest ymca club and u can take a babysitting course. they'll teach u cpr, and all the basic babysitting skills. parents love knowing your certified :)

What jobs for 14 year olds r close to clayton?

Jobs for fourteen year olds will need to be odd jobs such as babysitting and lawn care. Neighbors may hire teens to clean out garages and paint fences as well.

Is it better to do a babysitting course online or in person?

For informal babysitting you don't need any. If you want to do childcare or work at a preschool, then you need ECU units (Early childhood) If that's what you want to do, you need 12 for most jobs and might be able to get online but make sure is accredited (you are getting the actual units)

Jobs for 14 year old in Kenosha WI?

Jobs for 14-year olds in Kenosha, WI are not to easy to come by. You need to look for family and friends that need babysitting done or things done around their house, such as cutting their grass.

What job is there for a 12 year old?

You are too young to work in any state, you need to find odd jobs like yard work or babysitting.

Im 13 and need a list of summer jobs?

List of Popular Summer jobs for 13-14 year olds:dog walking, babysitting, junior lifeguards, tutoring, working at local YMCA

How old do you have to be to do a babysitting business?

You need to be about 13 years old and more to do a babysitting business

What do you need to know in order to produce dynamite?

At least have your basic training in first aid. Even a babysitting course will do.

What do you need to be certified in to be a babysitter?

You need to take the Red-cross babysitting corse and you need to find babysitting books in your local book store.Also you need to practice as a "Mothers helper"

What are the main jobs in Nepal?

i don't know but i need this answer

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